Should You Pull #16: Sygna Suit Red & Charizard

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



We can now Celebrate our Pokémon Day with our newest recruit, Red & Mega-Charizard to the Pokémon Masters universe. The games has been updated with new mechanics that brings a twist, so if you are trying to pull for Red & Charizard you might see additional things on your screen during succesfull-pulls. Let's now try to give Red & Charizard an overview!.  Red & Charizard is hell of a Fire-Striker Sync Pair.  They come with new passives that allows Mega-Evolution faster, while also having self sustainable buffs, and excellent offensive kit. Red & Charizard comes with their own Sync Grid, and is also a Poke Fairs, which means they are limited.


High Base Stats

Mega-Charizard managed to get 456 Special attack & Attack, which makes them the highest Sp.Atk currently in the game. (2nd highest attack) so the offensive capabilities of Red & Charizard isn't lacking at all. They are eager to get started and do some serious dps. 

Amazing passives

Charizard's Moves never miss, while also having a chance of restoring gauge on succesfull attacks. Usually one would think that this must be it, but actually there are additional passives. Charizard has a chance of reducing Sync Move Counter on succesfull attacks. Which is an entirely new mechanic to the game. Upon using Sync Move, Charizard will also raise it's Critical Chance, so even the Sync Move has a hidden passive.

"My Destiny!"

Destiny feels better than unbeatable. But this support move by Red will Drastically raises the user’s Sp. Atk and Speed. Lowers the user’s Defense and Sp. Def. If Charizard has Mega Evolved, drastically raises the user’s Attack.  Making it one of the best self-buffs in the game. 


Everything costs too much

The only weakness I can see at given time is that everything costs too much, as in high gauge. Passive is there to help recover used gauge, but if someone is unlucky, and fail to gain gauge from passive, they will be sitting ducks a lot awaiting gauge. 

as additional weakness I would like to mention the low defense, but seeing how Olivia & Lycanroc gets minus Sp.Defense using their self buffs, it is hard to say if it's actually a weakness, and something we just can completely ignore. But at least it is mentioned now.

Team Synergy

Delibird is Charizard's best friend, so if you have Rosanta, make use of her. Charizard loves gauge


Watch This & Pull 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Yes you should pull.

-  It's Red!

- Amazing Offensive & Defensive Capabilities

- The Sync Pair is limited!

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