Should You Pull #17: Sygna Elesa & Rotom

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



A Support Sync Pair which will help you Mega-Evolve faster, as this particular Support Sync Pair can reduce allies Sync Move Counter.  Rotom also has one of the highest defensive stats and brings accuracy + critical buffs to the scene. A must have Sync Pair if you plan on farming sync orbs, or love Mega Evolutions.


High Base Stats

Rotom currently has highest Defense and Sp.def in the game, Health lacks a bit, but that is given with this fortress-hard-defense. So Rock Solid Rotom ready to be the ultimate support. She is the bulkiest unit in the game.

Amazing buffs

Elesa isn't just beautiful, her support moves are dazzling, she will reduce sync counter while also buffing accuracy and critical rate, at the same time. Making her one of the most amazing buffers in the game.

Can deal damage as a Support

Rotom comes with "Thunder" allowing Rotom to actually deal damage, which is a rare thing with Supports. It is not recomended to use Rotom as a damage unit, due to lack of offensive stats, but in case your striker died, and you wish to do some damage, Rotom can tempoary fill the shoes of a damage dealer.


Lacks health

While Rotom is the bulkiest and has a passive that raises evasion on hit, sadly Rotom has the flaw of having a low health for it's role. So it will take a while to raise evasion to a high level and with no real self buffs, the health will definitely be worrysome in certain battles. 

Team Synergy

Lance and Dragonite has the flaw of having 90% Accuracy on Hyper Beam, with Elesa  & Rotom, they can buff Lance's Accuracy up to 100% so Hyper Beam never misses, raise it's dmg output with Sp.atk up, and Critical Strike up, while also helping Lance use a Sync Move to have the Sync Buff, in short. Elesa covers the weaknesses of Lance and they together can be a strong force.


Elesa brings new mechanic to the game and that is reducing the Sync Move Counter therefore, this is a Sync Pair you should pull for. 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Yes you should pull.

-  Waifu

- Currently Bulk 1#

- Helps Mega-Evolution Sync Pairs a lot, so it's good to have her on any Mega-Team

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