Should You Pull #18: Sabrina & Alakazam

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Welcome to the Waifu of all time, a lot of you people have been waiting for Sabrina, so it is my job now to present you what this girl brings to the table. Sabrina & Alakazam a.k.a. Sp.Atk Enabler. is the newest addition to Pokémon Masters, brings friendship to an entire new level when it comes to Special Attackers. Especially Blue & Lance, so if you like to use Mega Pidgeot or Dragonite.  Sabrina & Alakazam is one Sync Pair you do not wish to pass up on. So let's dig into her kit now.


Superb Special Attack Buffer

She drastically raises Special Attack, and Accuracy of an ally, this means Hyper beam will not miss, Hurricane will not miss. If you by any chance unlocked Undaunted on Brendan which won't allow it to lose Sp.Atk upon successive Leaf Storms, then even Brendan will shine with a Sabrina Support.  Sabrina then becomes a must Sync Pair for those heavy Special Attack Hitters. 

Additional effects

Sabrina can Dire Hit All and Alakazam has access to Psychic, even if small chance, the chance of reducing enemy Sp.Def is there, which can be seen as a bonus dmg output. whether it is in co-op or you have a Rosanta & Delibird as your 3rd ally, giving you gauge acceleration and allowing Alakazam to be on the offense, one will fast realize that even the offensive kit of this Sync Pair is to help out your main Sp.Attacking Sync Pair.  So in short.  Sabrina & Alakazam are Sp.Atk Enablers. 


Unfortunate Mega Evolution.

It is true that, by syncing one accesses mega evolution, which upgrades  "Sixth Sense" to allow healing, but the question that arises here is that why wouldn't you Mega Evolve your Pidgeot. or Simple raise your offensive capabilities on Dragonite. 

Team Synergy

I feel like this entire article has been about Team Synergy, but I believe the right setup would be.   Rosanta & Delibird / Sabrina & Alakazam / Any Sp.Attacker preferably, Lance/Brendan/Blue


If you like to use Lance Brendan or Blue, you should want this Sync Pair.  She is their best friend. She is a Sp.Atk enabler that will help out your team, so you never miss a Leaf Storm Hurricane or Hyper Beam. 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

As a Dragonite user Yes. 

-  Waifu

- Sp.Atk Enabler

- Incredible with Blue, Brendan or Lance. 

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