Should You Pull #19: Fatina & Mismagius

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



Been a while since we last got introduced to a ghost type, let's welcome Fantina our 5-star Sync Pair with Mismagius. a Ghost Striker duo. Bringing unique mechanics, time to see how that pans out!.


Self buffs with additional kicks

Fantina has learned what Giovanni lacked, a strong Pokémon might dish out amazing damage, but they should still have self-buffs to ensure that their partner Pokémon can dish out a lot of damage. "Dance With Me!" Raises Mismagius Dire Hit by +1 while also granting +3 Gauge.  Fantina also have access to "X Sp.Atk" Sharply raising Sp.atk. So for a Ghost type, Mismagius will deal a lot of damage after setting up. . 


Unique Mechanic that just doesn't feel right.

Mismagius comes with two passives where both doesn't make much sense. One would be "Bulk Buster 4" Which allows Mismagius to deal additional damage on healthy targets, the issue here is that Mismiagius wishes to spend few rounds on self-buffing before going all out, which means in a co-op scenario, the "peak damage" of this passives damage output will be non-existent, as the encounter goes on, the passive then gets worse as the health will drop. So for a Sync Pair with 2x Self buffs, this specific passive feels wrong

The second passive "Backfire 2" Just before Mismagius faints, enemy sync pairs will have their offensive stats lowered. This sounds unique, but i'm again curious on what exactly the point of this is. As in. She is a striker, if she dies, your supports are already dead in Solo. So it's Co-op. And What kind of strategy focuses on losing Strikers?  I for once just do not get the usage of this. Could work if you used multiple Strikers in Co-op. So I see it as a "weakness" as in, could had received something better.


At the current time, I can't recommend a Sync Pair who's passives feels a mismatch with its own kit.  The only thing going good for them is that having Sp.atk and Dire Hit on a striker is an amazing idea, to ensure that their damage output gets high regardless of base stats, so it's like the opposite of Giovanni & Mewtwo, who have high base but no sp.atk buffs. At the current time, I've the feeling that Agatha & Mega Gengar / Giovanni & Mewtwo are the better Ghost Strikers (yes i'm aware Gengar is a tech)  So at the current time. Do not pull for Fantina, it is not recommended. Save your gems. 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Fantina is a Cute Bait

- Lackluster

- Mismatch Passives

- Agatha & Giovanni Exists. 

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