Should You Pull #20: Guzma & Golisopod

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



New Bug Striker Sync Pair, Guzma & Golisopod in Pokémon Masters bringing an unique mechanic to the game, First Impression. The Sync Pair kit is designed for co-op play. Has one of the highest Attack stats in the game making it an excellent Physical Striker Sync Pair


Self Buffs

Just like Brendan, Guzma has his own Support skill "Beat 'Em Down!" uses up to 3 gauges, and grants Attack + Defense, to simplify it is +1 of Gauge spent, as in if you use 3 Gauge, it will boost Defense + Attack by 4 so if you only use 1 Gauge, it will be +2 Attack/Defense, so in total it will take you Four Gauges and Two Usages to get +6 Stats, but seeing how First Impression works, and requires Switch In! in Co-op, buffs would reset so it is recommended to use two times 3 Gauge buffs for advanced play. With that said Guzma's secondary support skill is "Dire Hit +" Ensuring Golisopod to land some hefty critical hits.

First Impression

Hi Hello I'm Emma Niel.. Oh wait, not my first impression, but the actual skill usage. You see First Impression deals a lot of damage but has a limitation, which is, it will miss/fail upon re-use, it is possible to switch in another Sync Pair, and then back to Golisopod and to use another "First Impression" which means this skill is lackluster in Single Player.


Own Kit is it's own grave

As explained in "First Impression" Section, the limitation is the biggest flaw, if your Sync Pairs have died and Golisopod can't be changed out in Co-op, there is no room for switch in. In other words, the damage output is limited. To compare it, it is a very strong gun, but you only have few bullets. Get those Head shots, or you won't do much!


Leaf & Eevee's buffs carries over when doing a Switch-In, so it is possible to buff up Eevee and swap to Guzma for a very strong "First Impression" I'm sure the enemy won't forget you that easily. !


I fully comprehend the devastating damage Golisopod might dish out with the Switch-In play style, but i'm honestly curious who would be bothered to do that much micro-management, as in perhaps its something one would do at start but feel it is too much work later on and stop doing it all together avoid using the Sync Pair. In the Bug Section Beedrill already exists and now that bugs don't get cleared the massive buffs Beedrill can get definitely outshines Guzma in my honest opinion, so I would say save your gems for now and be ready for another sync pair in the near future, you all must be dry after Red & Sabrina


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Just a 5-Star Roark & Ramparos

- Does a lot of damage but limited usage

- Can't repeatly do damage in Solo / Single Player

- Neah No, I don't like it, thus can't recommend it.


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