Should You Pull #22: Clemont & Heliolisk

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?



New Technical Pokémon Sync Pair will soon be released upon our Masters Universe, bringing us again an entire new mechanic that isn't seen before, an AoE slower/accuracy downer Technical Sync Pair that will ensure you an easier time. This Sync Pair is very situational as enemies can be immune to the applied debuffs.


Self Buffs

Clemont only has one Support Skill "Activate!" Which raises Evasion & Speed while also ensuring next hit to be Critical. Good use with Sync Move

Debuff Kit is mostly AoE

Heliolisk comes with three moves, two of them are AoE. 

First Skill "Electroweb"  Lowers the Targets Speed, Do keep in mind that Speed is Gauge Recovery Rate, so enemies will have more interval between attacks, slows down entire enemy team. This is an AoE Skill. As in hits all targets.

Second Skill "Parabolic Charge" Another AoE skill, this one self heals by 10% of all damage done. The idea is to keep Heliolisk alive after having debuffed all enemies. Has good combination with certain passives. will get into that soon. 

Third and final Skill "Mud-Slap"  It is the only Single Target type skill which also reduces enemy accuracy, combined with Evasion Heliolisk will be a very stalling Sync Pair to face for the enemy. 


To keep it simple.

- Moves Never Miss

- The More Health, The More Damage - Combination with "Parabolic Charge" with AoE - Self Heal, do note it's only 10% of total damage done that gets absorbed.

- Sunny Weather Increases Damage Done


Takes forever to set up.

The biggest con with this mechanic is that, There is too much.  Let's summarize, you wish to AoE slow everyone so I assume -6 debuff, that is 6x Attack. then if enemy has a heavy hitter you perhaps wish to reduce their accuracy. thats another 6x, now to self buff Speed + Evasion thats 2x So in total, it is 14x  moves before we have "set-up" and can finally go on offense + self-absorb to keep dishing out damage.  So in other words, "Parabolic Charge" might be our self-healing damage move, but I feel like we got too much work to do, to rely on this move, if we needed damage, it is recommended to use Hau & Raichu for the Discharge AoE 

Stats aren't that promising.

With the amount of moves we need to use for setup, Heliolisk should be even faster, I would even like it if his Sp.Atk could go up so that we can get more sustain out of our damage done.


Due to the Niche Aspect of Speed + Accuracy Down,  I would say this Sync Pair is worth getting, but do keep in mind it's a Niche. As in Situational. Speed + Accuracy down is Huge!


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Niche, Situational Do not Forget, but Yes Good Niche

-  Amazing Debuffs 

-  can Critically Hit with Sync Move

- Has Nice Bulky Stats, currently ranked 25th.

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