Should You Pull? 4-Year Anniversary Kanto Neo-Champions

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Back at the 1-year anniversary, the original Kanto Trio dropped with a lot of weight on Pokemon Masters. While we’d already been given Sygna Suit Red & Charizard about 6 months earlier, Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise and Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur hit the game like absolute bombs, and re-shaped what we thought of as “good” in Pokemon Masters. And while all three are still definitely good today, they’ve fallen off in recent years, to the point where players can now pick one member of the trio for free via what is essentially the game’s expanded tutorial. Sort of a sad fate for the once-and-former masters of the Pokemon Masters meta.

Well, it seems that DeNA wasn’t satisfied with the original Kanto trio falling off, and have decided to return Pokemon Masters to its roots utilizing the “Neo Champion” title that was released a bit short of a year ago. Red, Blue, and Leaf are back in a big way, and this time they’re not resorting to utilizing their starter Pokemon, and are instead sporting the very first Legendary Trio to ever grace the series. Sporting striking formal-wear worthy of their Neo Champion titles and the iconic Legendary Birds of Kanto, it’s time for them to remind everyone just how amazing the original region of Pokemon truly is.

Neo Champion Red & Articuno

Neo Champion Leaf & Moltres

Neo Champion Blue & Zapdos

Who To Pull?

All-in-all, the top priority here should probably be Blue & Zapdos. This is a Sync Pair that does an amazing job of enabling the entire team and can work with just about anyone to varying degrees, meaning they can tackle most stages in the game without breaking a sweat. They also rely the least on a Rebuffs in order to operate on multi-layered stages, and can just wait a while to drop a Sync  so that they can heal up the team at their leisure.

However, a close second has to be Red & Articuno. Few Strikers can compare with their raw power and utility, and they’re also the new kings of a type that’s traditionally been on the weak side, meaning their presence will tend to shore up a major hole in a lot of player’s teams. While not as universally useful as Blue & Zapdos, Red & Articuno definitely hold their own and are very much optimal when their skills are needed.

And, sadly, this means that Leaf & Moltres have to be given the bronze “Should You Pull” medal among this trio. While there’s nothing about this Sync Pair that’s bad, to the point where they would be an optimal choice if their banner was going up against most other Sync Pairs in the game, including many Master fairs, they just can’t quite distinguish themselves enough to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Red and Blue this time. We are in no way short on Fire Types right now, and even a Sun-bringing, near-universal-debuffing, high-damage-output unit doesn’t do quite enough to truly shine in direct comparison to the titans that Leaf is competing against this time. Again; it’s nowhere near a bad investment if you want to pick up Leaf & Moltres, as they are objectively great and very useful in their own right. Just note that they tend to not shine quite as brightly as their competition given what we currently have available, so we rate them as the lowest priority for most players looking to optimize their teams.

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