Should You Pull #7: Grimsley & Liepard

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

Sync Pair Analysis


Grimsley & Liepard, a Dark Technical Sync Pair in the Pokémon Masters universe. A Sync Pair that focuses on buffs and haze neutralizing the enemies buffs while also having one of the highest  base speed to ensure a swift gauge recovery. 


Amazing Support Skills

Grimsley's Support Skill helps Liepard out a lot with "All or nothing!" Liepard gets +2 Dire Hit (80% Crit Chance) and  +3 Evasion which will allow Liepard to tank and dodge several attacks while landing several crits.  The other support skill "Snatch" is a good way to check keep your enemy in check, as you can strip their buffs. Liepard might not look like a Striker unit, but if you manage to take everything off your enemies,you will fast realize that Liepard will dash out some significant damage.   

May flinch the enemy

To begin with, we have to note that it is merely a small chance but, Liepard comes with Dark Pulse a move we know too well with Karen & Houndoom, it has the ability to flinch the target and delay moves or Sync Move


Overall Horrible Base Stats

When you look at a Sync Pair in Pokémon Masters, so far it has always been clear on where their strengths lied at, but when looking at Grimsley & Liepard it is just low on all departments that they are considerable one of the worst Sync Pairs in comparison to other Technical Sync Pairs Stats-Wise. So ensure that when you use Grimsley & Liepard that enemy has buffs which can be snatched. Without buffs you will have a Pokémon who can't dish out much damage. 

Team Synergy

Liepard doesn't really have a Team Synergy, it's a Pokémon that focuses on anti-buffing the enemy rather than helps allies. I could definitely see Grimsley & Liepard being an extremely amazing Sync Pair if "Snatch" was AoE buffing entire team with the snatched buffs, but since that isn't the case we sadly do not have any real Team Synergy. One could perhaps mention the high Speed where a speed buff would significantly give you a huge gauge recovery boost, as the only thing.


Grimsley & Liepard can be compared with other Technical Pokémons like Nanu & Persian, which ensures to lock up the enemy. or the evasion loving encounters as Liepard can achieve +6 Evasion. outside of that Liepard isn't that compareable as it is the very first time we have an anti-buffer Sync Pair.


Grimsley & Liepard are a great Sync Pair, I wouldn't mind having them ready for encounters that I know have enemies with great arsenal of buffs. 

But outside of that I don't feel like they are any game changing, and since Mewtwo is around the corner, I would recommend everyone thinking twice before spending too much of your gems, with how the community ended up loving Rosa, it might be wise to hold onto your gems this time around and ensure that you get those Sync Pairs that you might wish you had more. 

But if you do get Grimsley, do not worry, they have a niche mechanic that will not be easily be replaced by another Sync Pair. Snatch and +6 Evasion is powerful, and DeNA ensured that Grimsley will play a part with the Mewtwo event. 

So overall conclusion is:  No Do not pull your games are way more worth right now than ever before, but if you do get Grimsley, Good job he will have uses.

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