Should You Pull #8: Rosa & Delibird

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?




Rosa has always been iconic for the Pokémon Masters universe, one could argue that she is up next to being the "main-character" as she is given to us at the very start of the game. The regular Rosa & Serperior was known to be an amazing support with gauge refills and Sp.Atk boost, where Delibird delivers the exact same conditions but for Physical Attacks via Attack All buffs, but not only that. Delibirds Gauge refill has a present within, sharply boosting a random stat which is only a bonus. If you loved your Rosa & Serperior. You will fast realize that Delibird packs a lovely punch which you would love to bring on your journey in Pasio.


High Stats

Delibird comes with amazing defensive stats. Both his Defense & Sp.Def are very high, so Delibird is easily able to tank damage from both Physical and Special attacks.

Useful Full-Party Stat Boosts

X Attack All ensures that your physical fighters gets buffed and ready to dish out a lot of damage.

Rosa's other signature buff is “All The Presents!” ensures that team gauges gets refilled, but with a surprise, randomly and sharply raising stats of all allies

As you can see, Rosa & Delibird is the exact opposite of Rosa & Serperior, one boost sp.atk the other boost attack, meanwhile Delibird has a bonus stat enhancement. 

Amazing Passives

The passives are "Hail" dependent, but once they are activated Delibird will not take damage from Hail & he restores health each time he take an action.

At the same time Delibird can't fall asleep, immune to the status condition.

Unlike Rosa & Serperior, Delibird can strike back

While it is still recommended that one should attack with their Striker Sync Pairs, it must be mentioned that Delibird via attack up and Drill Peck offensive move actually can dish out some sweet damage, especially when Delibird can get +4 Attack up and  2x+2 random stat up. 


Relies on RnG in certain setups

In terms of co-op play it requires a specific strategy to ensure that Delibird can be useful. Sp.Attackers can't be promised to get their offensive stats, where Rosa & Serperior might be the safer choice. 

RnG can go both ways

Technically speaking Delibird would be fine regardless of which buff he personally gets, if he gets defensive stats he would be bulkier which is a good thing, but the overall damage output would be lowered, if he gets Sp.Attack up it will be the very first stat boost that doesn't really do him any good but his allies. Ensure that Delibird is mostly used for Energy Refills and Attack Up and see rest as a bonus benefit, or else it will require you several attempts to get it right.


Throughout the article, i've done several comparisons between the both Rosa's where the main comparison here is that Rosa & Serperior is meant for Sp.Attack units and Delibird is meant for Physical Attack Units. 

While Rosa & Delibird are a bit more empowered and has additional perks, such as a 2x free random Sharply stat boost, and that Delibird actually has offensive capabilities. 


And here comes the verdict! Is this Sync Pair worth pulling or Is It Bait? To summarize:

Yes you should pull.

- Limited Sync Pair, for those who likes to collect don't miss out!

- Amazing Physical Attack Support

- it's Rosa, our sweet Rosa!

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