Sync Spotlight/Should You Pull?: Holiday Skyla & Togekiss

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

What Does It Do?

Although a ⅕ Togekiss plays a completely different role from that of a ⅗ version, the former is so totally outclassed in its niche as a status spreader and stat booster that this article will mostly be focusing on the much more competitive fully gridded sync nuker and dps variants.

Now, players who’ve invested that far into their Togekiss will find that there are two primary roles the pair is capable of properly filling: a mid-late game Flying dps Striker, or a status-based Sync Nuker (obviously of the same type). The pair is able to distinguish itself from its primary competitor Pidgeot in the first of those roles through the techier elements of its kit as well as its quicker setup cycle, although it can’t hope to match the latter pair’s sheer damage output. Overall, either option should perform admirably in that role, though Pidgeot’s viability at ⅕ and unlimited status will likely make it the more practical option to most players. As a Sync Nuker, Togekiss is undoubtedly an excellent option, although stiff competition from more easily available pairs like Crobat and Torkoal can make it difficult to justify using. Still, if for whatever reason a specifically Flying type Sync Nuker is necessary, Togekiss’ potential for this type of damage is unparalleled.

How Do I Use It? (Grid, Lucky Skills, And Comps):

As stated in the previous section, Sync Grids for a ⅗ Togekiss come in two distinct flavours: a standard Sync Nuker and a Techy DPS based on percentage damage boosts like Dirty Fighting and Ramming Speed. The first of those builds works by taking advantage of Good Tidings Air Slash’s power boost against targets affected by status conditions in combination with the incredibly potent Flinch Hitter and Rising Tide nodes to pump out devastating Sync Moves. Beyond those essentials, this playstyle will also benefit greatly from Speedy Entry together with either Sharp Entry (to compensate for the lower crit chance inherent to any Sync Move) or its Lucky counterpart (to facilitate Rising Tide). As for the dps variant of Togekiss, the aforementioned Dirty Fighting and Ramming Speed nodes make for an excellent core to be embellished by Tri Attack MG Refresh, Gift Of Joy! Mp Refresh, and your selection of Tri Attack power nodes and additional Mp Refreshes. 

On the Lucky Skill front, Togekiss’ options are generally limited to the standard suite of options any offensive pair can make use of (Critical Strike 2, Power Flux 3, and Fast-Track 2) with the limitation of Troublemaker to dedicated Status moves preventing it from synergizing with Tri Attack. In terms of teammates, however, the pair’s splashable buffs and self-sufficient offensive presence make it highly flexible. The low Gauge cost of Air Slash makes the Sync Nuker build an extremely solid sideman on any team that doesn’t rely on its Sync Move (think early game Strikers like Pheromosa and Lycanroc), while dps variants greatly appreciate tanks like Meganium and Blastoise who can round out its Special Attack buffs without compromising their main roles. 

Is It Worth Pulling?

No: While full access to its grid does allow Togekiss to fill several niches effectively, the gem investment in relation to the pair’s competition totally outweighs its practical benefits. Valuable as the Sync Nuking niche may be to today’s meta, Gauge-independent options like Crobat and Torkoal bring similar levels of power to the table on top of their far superior versatility and accessibility. Overall, as tough as the investment is to justify from an F2P standpoint, Togekiss is a solid, if often outclassed Striker to be pulled only by fans of the Pokemon itself.

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