Sync Spotlight/Should You Pull?: Lyra & Jigglypuff

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TL;DR: Should You Pull?

What Does It Do?

Jigglypuff’s highly prized Fairy typing, Passive self buffing, and surprisingly great attacking stats provide it with several solid niches across the formats. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Mad Strength and Dire Hit Refresh make it one of the precious few Strikers able to consistently max its own offenses over multiple stages. This allows it to remain effective over massive stretches of the Battle Villa without the need for constant offensive Support and makes it an excellent sweeper in this format. Having most of its buffs in the passive slot can be a double edged sword, however, as while the prolonged siege of Battle Villa allows for slow accumulation of stat boosts, Co-op and Events do not. In these formats, Jigglypuff’s reliance on teammates to get it dealing damage in a timely manner keeps it far from top tier, although it’s still a solid option simply by virtue of its Attack and typing. Finally, Jigglypuff is an incredible pair in the Legendary Arena where its access to Good Night-Mare makes it a great partner for the near-ubiquitous Sleep users and the slower pace provides ample opportunity to set up with Mad Strength.

How Do I Use It? (Grid, Lucky Skills, And Comps):

Jigglypuff isn’t quite as versatile in terms of its potential Grids as many others among the more recent Sync Pairs, but the few nodes that it does make effective use of provide powerful, if straightforward, bonuses. There’s really only two ways to build the pair Grid wise, one of which is merely a variation of the other with a few nodes traded for Good Night-Mare.

The essential Nodes you’ll want to look at when putting together a set for this pair are fairly self-evident: the incredible Fast-Track 2 as well as all the usual Mp Refreshes and Move Gauge Refreshes. The only real decision there is to make while putting your build together is whether you decide to opt for the double Play Rough Gauge Refresh or the incredible Good Night-Mare 5. This choice will largely be based on what Jigglypuff’s teammates are intended to be, as without a more consistent Sleep user at its side the pair tends to get more use out of Gauge Refresh’s compensation for its lackluster Speed. 

On the Lucky Skill front, all the usual Striker suspects make great options for Jigglypuff (Critical Strike 2, Power Flux 3, and Superduper Effective 1). Not really much else to say other than that Critical Strike is the best of these for general use and, thanks to the pair’s grid, Fast-Track is unnecessary in the Lucky slot despite its widespread use among other Strikers.

Is It Worth Pulling?

Overall, Jigglypuff is a more than solid pair and well worth picking up for players wishing to have a Striker of each type for Supereffective damage or who enjoy running through the whole Battle Villa in as little time as possible. However, I can’t recommend it for those on an extremely tight gem budget as while the inevitable release of Diantha & Gardevoir is still a long ways off and Jigglypuff is likely to retain its niche in the Villa, it can’t be denied that the champion will probably outclass it as a general use Fairy Striker. One final consideration to make is that this Summer Seasonal unit won’t be available again for a whole year after the current summer banner ends, so if you’re lacking in the Battle Villa Striker department or putting together a sleep team now’s the time to pick this one up.

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