Croconaw’s Evolution


Story Detail
Chapter Part 8
XP 76
Coins 138
Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Sync Pair Stories
Recommended Strength 3500
Featured Trainer

Enemy Sync Pairs

Recommended Pokemon Types
Recommended Pokemon (Auto Populated based on Weaknesses)



You there! Let’s have a Pokémon battle!

Well, that came out of nowhere, but we’re ready for anything! Bring it on!

You and your Pokémon are just as good as people say you are!

My Pokémon and your Pokémon—let’s see which one’s tougher!

To think that you are tougher than us... Your Croconaw truly is amazing.

Thanks! I think Croconaw is great, too!

Not only that—Croconaw looks like she’s about to evolve from that last battle. She IS great!

Croconaw! You’re going to evolve! That’s amazing!

I’m so happy for you, Croconaw!