A Day with Gardenia


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Single or Co-op Single-Player
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Quest Type Story
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(As Player was wandering through the forest, captivated by the artificial beauty of Pasio, they came upon a clearing.)
(There, they spotted Gardenia, who rushed over happily to say hello.)

Were you checking out Pasio’s forest, too, Player?

Isn’t it amazing?! I heard everything here was made by people!

[Option 1] I knew that!

[Option 1] I can hardly believe it! Lear must really love Pokémon to build something like this!

[Option 2] Is that so?

[Option 2] Yeah, this super-rich guy named Lear built all of Pasio. It’s an artificial island!

I also heard that a new kind of Pokémon might be born, thanks to Lear!

[Option 1] What do you mean?

[Option 1] Pokémon sometimes change their form or evolve to suit their environment.

[Option 2] Whoa!

[Option 2] Pokémon sometimes change their form or evolve to suit their environment.

Exeggutor in the Alola region soaked up so much sunshine that their necks got super long like that.

So if Pokémon stay on Pasio long enough, there’s a chance they could change to a new form!

I wonder if Roserade will change.

She could be slithery like Serperior or fluffy like Jumpluff.

Oh! Or maybe she could get a really hard steel body like Ferrothorn!

Oh, wait!

[Option 1] What’s wrong?

[Option 1] Um, if Roserade changes form, that means...

[Option 2] Um, if Roserade changes form, that means...

Is it possible she could turn into some spooky Pokémon like Gourgeist or Trevenant?

I-I don’t think I would like that... What would I do?

You know, I think I would still love Roserade even if she were a ghost, though.

Um, I mean, it’s not like I’m s-scared of ghosts or anything! You believe me, right?

But you know what? Yeah! It’d be no problem! Ghost Roserade might be kind of transparent and cute, right?

I wonder what Roserade wants to be like.

[Option 1] Isn’t she fine just the way she is?

[Option 1] Like she is now? How she’s always been, you mean?

[Option 1] ...

[Option 1] You’re right. Maybe she’s best as she is already.

[Option 2] Roserade might not want to change.

[Option 2] Huh? Oh, you’re right. No one likes sudden change, right?

[Option 2] ...

I guess I got a little too excited. Sorry, Roserade.

If her form changed, that would mean we would have to say good-bye to her current form.

I’m sure the new Roserade would be lovely, too, but she’s already lovely right now!

Thanks, Player. You taught me something important!

Whether she changes or not, as long as we can spend time together, that’s the most important thing!

Roserade! Let’s keep on going for walks and soaking up the sun like we always have!