Servine’s Evolution


Story Detail
Chapter Part 8
XP 76
Coins 138
Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Sync Pair Stories
Recommended Strength 3500
Featured Trainer

Enemy Sync Pairs

Recommended Pokemon Types
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Rosa, I’m confident your Servine still has plenty of room to grow. So come on! Let’s battle it out and see what he can do!

Yes! Of course I’ll battle you! You and Onix are as strong as rocks, though, so we’ll give it our best shot!

I’ve been wanting to fight in an all-out one-on-one battle with you for a long time! Come on—let’s do this!

O-K! Let’s do this, Servine!

Just see if you can get past the impenetrable wall of my rock-solid willpower and my Onix’s rock-hard armor!

Don’t hold back! Come at me with everything you’ve got!

Man! Your power smashed right through our rock-solid defense!

Thanks! I had so much fun battling against you and Onix!

It was fun for us, too. We should do this again sometime.

We did it, Servine! Brock was right— I think you’re gonna continue to get even stronger!

Whoa! Hold on. Are you evolving?! This is amazing! Promise me we’ll always be together, even after you evolve!