Totodile’s Evolution


Story Detail
Chapter Part 9
XP 36
Coins 75
Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Sync Pair Stories
Recommended Strength 2400
Featured Trainer

Enemy Sync Pairs

Recommended Pokemon Types
Recommended Pokemon (Auto Populated based on Weaknesses)



Hey, since we’re crossing paths here, let’s have a Pokémon battle!

Sure! Totodile and I are ready for anything!

All right! Then time for a serious battle with pretty ol’ me!

I think your Pokémon is going to change after this battle!

I lost? But I’m so pretty... How is this possible?

You might be cuter, but I won’t let that stop me from winning!

You think I’m... Waaah! That makes me so happy! Say it again!

Hm? Totodile’s acting strange... Oh, she’s evolving!

That’s great, Totodile! You’re going to get even stronger!