Trouble in Centra City

Chapter 1

Story Detail
Chapter Part 1
XP 0
Coins 0
Single or Co-op Single-Player
Story Type Main Story
Quest Type Story
Story Difficulty Normal

Enemy Sync Pairs

Recommended Pokemon Types
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First Time Rewards


This is Centra City, the biggest city on Pasio. You might be surprised to know that Pasio is a completely artificial island!

Now then, I have a sync pair in mind that might be willing to join our team, so let’s go look for them.

Oh, are you talking about that girl from Unova? I think I saw her in the square up ahead not too long ago...

Will you please stop?! It’s against the rules to force a Trainer to battle if they don’t want to!

What’s going on over there?

Sounds like trouble... Do you think they’re OK? We should see if they need help!

I’m sorry, but I just can’t battle right now. My Pokémon needs to rest—she’s worked hard enough for today.

Yeah! If you really want to battle, you’ll have to challenge her another day!

Forget that! You’re battling me now, Champion!

There’s no way I’m passin’ up a chance like this! C’mon, let’s just battle already!

Hey, you two! Cut that out! Don’t you see you’re bothering them?

Brock? Misty?!

You look like you could use a hand, Rosa. Don’t worry—we’ll take care of these guys!

Who are you? If you wanna start somethin’, you got it! We’ll make you eat dirt!