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Gloria & Zacian have one job in this game: to hit like a truck. And most of that job is actually doable just fine even without a sync grid. In short: their grid is not good. It has a few nodes that are semi-important, but nothing world-ending if missed. The most important use of their sync grid is to help set the tone and slightly boost one of the two types that Gloria & Zacian can use. For this, a Steel Type Striker or a Fairy Type striker build should be chosen, though a Steel Type Sync Nuke grid is also very viable.

Sync Grid Build 1: Generic Steel Striker

Two Behemoth Blade Move Gauge Refresh 2 nodes give Gloria & Zacian a chance to recover 3 bars on use of their Steel Type attack when combined with their passive Move Gauge refresh. Next is Move Gauge Boost MP Refresh 2 and Move Gauge Boost Gauge Refresh 9. While Gloria & Zacian are great at managing their grid, this boost can help them synergize even better with a second striker, especially if paired with slower partners. Finally, Behemoth Blade Power+ nodes fill out the rest, totaling to +8 base power which will also enjoy a 1.5x damage boost after the opponent gains a sync buff. 

Some variant of this grid is arguably going to be the best choice when using Gloria & Zacian for their Steel Type damage, as their grid has very few useful offerings otherwise. This isn’t a niche grid, it’s one of the best ways to leverage additional damage, and can be used in basically any scenario that calls for a Steel Type striker.

Critical Rate support is key to Gloria & Zacian, as it’s the one offensive buff that they seriously lack. Sabrina & Alakazam, Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom, and Lyra & Meganium are all fine choices for helping out in this area. Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise is also great in this role, though an MP refresh is required to reach a +3 Critical Rate. Gloria & Zacian tend to be so good at managing the move gauge that they can afford to share it with other strikers, making Steven & Metagross and other sync pairs with moderate move gauge usage perfectly viable with a bit of team management.

Sync Grid Build 2: Generic Fairy Striker

Play Rough Move Gauge Refresh 3, Play Rough On a Roll 2, Play Rough Superduper Effective 2 and Play Rough Power+ nodes totaling +15 base power are up first to make Gloria & Zacian more effective in their Fairy Type attacker role. Then Move Gauge Boost MP Refresh 2 is picked up to keep the move gauge up when needed, which can be especially useful when paired with another striker.

Much like the Steel Type set, this set is useful for basically any Fairy weak courses that you may come across. Just keep in mind that Gloria & Zacian are weaker in this area, and that their sync move won’t deal Super Effective damage short of a random enemy with a Steel Type weakness showing up. 

This grid demands basically the same team setup as the last. Sabrina & Alakazam, Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom, Lyra & Meganium, and Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise are all great teammates for the same reason, and Summer Lyra & Jigglypuff can make a great partner for sheer Fairy Type damage in a dual striker setup.

Sync Grid Build 2: Steel Type Sync Nuke

As stated multiple times before; most of this grid is not useful, so why not buff up Gloria & Zacian’s sync move, Glorious Behemoth Blade, instead? Much like the first grid, two Behemoth Blade Move Gauge Refresh 2 nodes, and Behemoth Blade Power+ nodes totalling +6 base power are picked up, as are two Sync Move Power+25 nodes. This is a 20% damage increase at 5/5 that will also enjoy the 2.0x damage boost that’s built in, so it might be best to go a little slower with this grid and let the opponent sync first as not to potentially waste one of your two Sure Crits. Move Gauge Boost MP Refresh 2 not only provides even more move gauge support, it also provides the ability to use a move and continue to tick down the sync move counter even in the event of low bar availability/status effects such as Flinch or Freeze, which can be a life saver in some scenarios. 

Same as before; Sabrina & Alakazam, Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom, Lyra & Meganium, and Sygna Suit Blue & Blastoise are great, namely due to their critical rate buffs. However, this sync grid also appreciates sync pairs like Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom or Sygna Suit Leaf & Venusaur due to their ability to tick away the sync move counter. Just remember that it’s best to wait until the opponent has used a sync move to use these effects! Also worth noting is the fact that this grid doesn’t work quite as well when paired with a 6* EX Support unit, as it doesn’t really like sharing sync moves, but by that same token, this is also a great grid if Gloria & Zacian themselves are 6* EX unlocked.

Lucky Skills

Passive Skill
Passive Skill
Passive Skill

As an offensive sync pair, an offensive Lucky Skill is key. Critical Strike 2 is generally the move of choice here, as it provides a large and consistent boost that has great synergy with Zacian & Gloria’s sure crit skill and high sync move damage potential. Its one drawback is the fact that it won’t provide much power to normal moves unless Gloria & Zacian are paired with a sync pair that can provide critical support. When this isn’t an option, Power Flux 3 is also a solid choice, as it provides a damage boost that’s close to Critical Strike 2 when at max power. However, this Lucky Skill does not boost sync move damage.

The last lucky skill genuinely worthy of consideration is Fast Track 2. Since Zacian & Gloria can’t buff their own speed naturally, this can provide an even larger boost to their already outstanding gauge management capabilities. However, it’s worth noting that this will also entail a substantial drop in damage when compared to the other recommended options, so this is generally best reserved for multi-striker teams.

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