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The advent of Emboar’s Sync grid has transformed what was once a yawn-inducingly straightforward pair into a versatile Support/Striker with a variety of useful roles in each format. This variety, of course, makes for a wonderful set of Sync grid builds ranging from deadly Physical offense to use as the centerpiece of a team to  Supportive sidemen that can be slotted anywhere and work wonders. Which Grid ends up being right for you will depend on a few things, but the primary factor will be the composition of the rest of your team. Need a fast backup tank to round out a solid Support-Striker core? Look no further than the blazingly quick Full Tank Emboar! A Sync Nuker to sit in the back of a team with a non-mega Striker and lay on the hurt while also healing? The Speedy Sync Nuker is what you need! Finally, if you’re looking for a powerful but versatile physical Fire Striker, the mighty Flare Blitz Striker fits the bill as well as anything not called Charizard could while also bringing its own unique utility to the table. 

Sync Grid Build 1: Pure Physical Striker

This versatile, self-sufficient build makes use of Emboar’s fairly unique ability to max its own Attack and Critical Hit Chance alongside Flare Blitz’s raw power and the utility Potion MP refresh provides to fit onto nearly any team. Let’s get the drawbacks out of the way first before I get fawning over how much fun this build is: the total reliance on Desperate Measures for Critical Chance buffing along with the necessity of building up two or three Flare Blitzes before you can cash in for Attack buffs is a major con. Though that does male Emboar slower than many of its fellow non-mega Strikers, it’s still much quicker to start putting out Dps than something like Metagross. Despite this weakness, Emboar is still very much worth using over faster Strikers because nothing else in the game comes with a combination of Healing and damage this powerful and the aforementioned Metagross has proven how valuable survivability can be in a Striker. It also holds the rare distinction of being one of the VERY few pairs capable of both excellent damage and reliable Healing, two of the game’s most important abilities. 

Sync Grid Build 2: Full Tank

This build shows another side Emboar. That of a highly versatile, blazingly fast backup tank who is able to contribute bulk, Healing, Speed, and damage to any team that finds itself in need of a solid backup tank. Plenty of Mp refresh and Move Gauge Regen allow this set to particularly excel in Battle Villa, especially so when considering the Mp-independent Speed boosts provided by Flame Charge. One of this build’s other, more unique advantages as a tank in the Villa is its rare access to Mp Refresh on a Defense buffing move in “Try And Stop Us!”. Despite its formal designation as a Striker, this capability actually allows it much more consistent bulk than most Supports. While not quite as excellent at pulling off this role in other modes as it is in BV (it suffers greatly from the slow buildup of several “Try And Stop Us!”), the Legendary Arena always has room for Master Healer Potion Refreshers, especially ones that bring this much to the table beyond outside of that niche

Sync Grid Build 3: Speedy Sync Nuker

One of the rare Sync nukers to base their damage on Speed as opposed to Attack, Emboar’s version of this very common build type comes with a few unique flavours. Maxing its own Attack, Speed, and Crit allows it to easily fit onto any comp, leaving plenty of room for teammates like Rotom to speed up the path to this set’s devastating Sync Move. Additionally, foregoing (for the most part) Flare Blitz allows this version of Emboar to put its Potions to excellent use on the team’s tank, even without Mp Refresh and Master Healer. These things being said, the build is somewhat niche in comparison to Flare Blitz offense, as less consistent damage combined with the loss of Mp Refresh causes it to lose out on the latter’s Battle Villa reliability. Regardless of its drawbacks, this set makes an excellent sideman in any team who’s Stiker doesn’t need to hog the Sync counter since Healing, Speed, and Damage are such an undeniably useful combination.

Lucky Skills

Passive Skill
Passive Skill
Passive Skill

Critical Strike 2 is just an all around solid skill for both the offensive builds, as even though they get their Crit buffs later than most Strikers they still rely on them for a large chunk of their DPS and amplifying that even more is always great. Vigilance is the clear favourite for the tank build; Crit blocking is a near necessity on pretty much every tank and Emboar’s high Health doesn’t make it an exception. For players looking to swap between builds for different types of content, Fast-Track is an excellent way to, well, Fast-Track Emboar’s setup phase and get it to max bulk or max damage much quicker regardless of which grid you’re using at the time.

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