Team Comp Guide: BV Evasion Stacking - Battle Villa Team

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Core Team

Discussion: How to use this Team

This team is designed to sweep through as many stages of the Battle Villa in one day as possible, and combined with other powerful BV teams can easily full clear in 2-3 days (or even 1 if skillfully used). This sweeping ability comes from the fact that this team barely relies on Trainer Moves at all; Torkoal’s Damage and Mew’s survivability come from their passives and Sync Grids, and Swanna’s Mp Refresh Potion only needs to see use every few stages. As to actually piloting the team, it’s a fairly simple affair. As soon as the match begins, Mew should be spamming Swift and Torkoal should be Will-O-Wisping at least the Stage Boss (possibly the side pars as well depending on how big a threat they pose). From that point, continue on with Swift but switch to Ember on Torkoal, and then keep it up until Torkoal can Sync (at which point it should) or Mew is low on health without First Aid 4 (at which point Swanna should Heal it). Following this cycle ad infinitum should allow you to barrel through 15 or more Stages a day, especially if you switch to more specialized teams for 3v9ing Boss Stages.

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And of course, if this comp isn't working for the stage you're stuck on or you don't have the pairs to give it a try feel free to check out our comp compendium and see what strikes your fancy:

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