Team Comp Guide: BV Infinite Sleep Core - Battle Villa Team

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Core Team

Discussion: How to use this Team

This team is designed to do one thing, and to do that thing as efficiently as possible: plow through the Battle Villa. While other powerful cores can make it through 5 or even 10 stages in a day, the power of Go Viral allows skilled players to potentially sweep upwards of 20 with this comp. Delphox’s power, in fact, is such that the ONLY things that can halt its sweep are completely Sleep-immune enemies or the player simply running out of Speed boosting pairs. In game, your biggest priority should be maintaining the permasleep rhythm of Delphox’s Hypnosis (generally achieved by queuing it behind another move or two once the opponent’s Sleep marker starts flashing). This means going for a Telekinesis into Hypnosis on the Stage Boss immediately at the beginning of every match before falling into a rhythm of Fire Spins, Overheats, Zen Headbutts, and Gauge Boosts. As you do this, Stat Leech will continuously grow your damage output while turning opposing pairs into less and less of a threat in case of a mistake being made with Sleep timing. As a final note, you’ll almost certainly want the Dauntless Lucky Skill on Delphox to ensure that your dps rises as opposed to falling over the course of the game, as Bronzong’s Telekinesis makes Troublemaker unnecessary. 

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And of course, if this comp isn't working for the stage you're stuck on or you don't have the pairs to give it a try feel free to check out our comp compendium and see what strikes your fancy:

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