Team Comp Guide: Full Force Sun Spam - Single Player Team

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Discussion: How to use this Team

This team, as the name suggests, was originally designed for successfully laying siege to the fortresses that many Battle Villa and Event 3v9’s can be. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t still be put to excellent use in the equally late game focused (if not quite as protracted) Champion Arena, or even as a sweeper in the Villa with a few grid adjustments. If you’re attempting the latter, simply add as many Mp Refresh nodes as you can to the existing builds, sacrificing damage where necessary but always retaining as many healing skills as possible. 

In terms of how one should actually go about piloting it, there’s a fair amount of player choice involved in the effective use of this team (although I can still, as always, provide general ideas to stick to). At the beginning of the match, your main priority should always be to reach Meganium’s Sync Move as fast as possible. This will provide you much greater survivability through dual Healing Sun users, a near infinite amount of Gauge, and a massive damage boost. This should be accomplished by throwing out each pair’s trainer move immediately at the beginning of each game before putting up Light Screen and completing the buff cycle detailed in Charizard’s explanation.  Gunning Razor Leaf and Heat Wave (with as many “Sunny Side Up!” and Energy Balls as Mp/Mg Refresh allows mixed in) is the best way to reach Solarize once you’re done buffing. From here, a steady stream of Energy Balls, Razor Leaves, Heat Waves/Blast Burns and Potions will keep your side of the field healthy while it demolishes whatever stands in its way. 

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And of course, if this comp isn't working for the stage you're stuck on or you don't have the pairs to give it a try feel free to check out our comp compendium and see what strikes your fancy:

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