Team Comp Guide: Garchomp Sand Spam - Single Player Team

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Core Team

Discussion: How to use this Team

This team does it all, folks. Maximum Offensive Stats on a powerful Striker, impressive bulk and Move Gauge Regeneration, damage reduction and Healing in the form of Sand Shelter and “Over Here!”, and the power of Weather to increase damage even further. It even has the unique strength of being able to deal huge amounts of aoe damage over a long period of time while mitigating damage lost to the aoe penalty through Sand Rush. This allows it to heavily impede the progress of its opponent’s Sync Move counter by quickly eliminating side Pairs, in turn giving the team even more impressive survivability. Because of all this, the team is one of the few able to both survive long Battle Villa runs AND use a Weather setting pair for increased damage on top of max buffs. Reuniclus’ Passives and healing along with Pallosand’s X Defense and Regen also contribute to this in a big way, combining with stalled Sync Moves to form an ironclad defense on top of colossal damage potential. In terms of using the team in game, you’ll want to make use of the Tactics feature here to prioritize in this order: Reuniclus>Palossand>Garchomp. This is heavily important because in terms of base stats alone, Mega Garchomp is actually bulkier than Palossand and will be targeted first unless this measure is taken. Once the Stage starts, you’ll want a buffing cycle leading up to Garchomp Mega Evolving that looks something like this:

Turns Move Effect / Explanation
1 Palossand - Sandstorm Sets Sand for the first time, allowing Garchomp to max its own Critical Chance and bring its Speed to +4. Also boosts the team’s Attack through Flag Bearer.
2 Garchomp - “This Match Is Too Fun!” +2 to Critical Chance and Speed
3 Reuniclus - “Don’t Bore Me!” Buffs up Reuniclus’ Defenses and Sp.Atk
4 Palossand - X Def +2 Defense
5 Garchomp - “This Match Is Too Fun!” +2 to Critical Chance and Speed
6 Reuniclus - “Don’t Bore Me!” Buffs up Reuniclus’ Defenses and Sp.Atk
7 Garchomp - X Atk +2 to Attack
8 Palossand - X Def +2 to Defense
9 Garchomp - X Atk +2 to Attack

From here, throw out an Earthquake to finish off your Sync Grid counter and then Mega Evolve Garchomp. Post Mega, Keep on Quaking, refresh Sandstorm with Palossand whenever you need to and pop a Move gauge Boost if you somehow run low on Gauge. Garchomp’s Speed should max itself with Hit And Run 2, and Flag Bearer will max its Attack when Palossand uses Sandstorm again. Throughout the rest of the match, Reuniclus should be throwing in a Psychic or two whenever you have Gauge for a nice damage bonus.  If Palossand starts being targeted for Attacks, have it use “Over Here!” and Astonish for sustain liberally and then return to leveling the entire surrounding area with Earthquakes until the opposing team gives in. 

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