Team Comp Guide: Metagross Baton Pass - Co-op Team

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Discussion: How to use this Team

This is (obviously) a Co-op team for Co-op stages, but in terms of where it excels the most that’ll be in the longer, more difficult EX Challenges and Battle Villa Stages. If you’re looking for something you can quickly Auto Battle or farm Gear with, this team isn’t for you as it takes a long while to get its dps going and the Auto AI is absolutely clueless with it. Take it onto a long haul stage that gives it time to set up, however, and you’ll soon find that a +6 in everything Mega Metagross with healing on Sync Move, Flinch on every Attack, and ridiculous damage output makes for a pretty good way to carry your partners. How you’ll achieve this is explained thoroughly in the above Pair discussion, but here’s a recap. First, Driflbim comes out and pops all of its buffs before Phantom Forcing to dodge aggro and advance the Sync counter till it’s almost full. Once this is done, you’ll want to switch over to Eevee for barrage of Tackles, Potions, Iron Tails, and “Let’s Go!”s until you can use another Evoboost (and possibly a third on top of that depending on whether Eevee has Fast-Track as well as whether or not you think you’ll need the Defense buffs). Finally, it’s time for the really fun part: switch into Metagross once you’re nearing another Sync Move, Mega Evolve, and watch your near immortal, blazingly quick, crushingly powerful spindly boy stomp whatever’s left of the other side of the field this late in the game while Rejuvenation keeps it permanently near full health. This team, like all gimmicks, is incredibly powerful when it works properly (which should be nearly always if you pilot it well), but can go seriously wrong in certain circumstances. If either of your Benefactor users should be knocked out before Metagross hits the field, well, you won’t be contributing much to the rest of the match past Metagross’ (admittedly still great) base power and bulk. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun way to reliably clear the game’s Co-op content in a highly involved manner, this team is for you. However, if you want something you can use to mindlessly grind for Gear, you may need to start looking for a different Comp. 

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And of course, if this comp isn't working for the stage you're stuck on or you don't have the pairs to give it a try feel free to check out our comp compendium and see what strikes your fancy:

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