Team Comp Guide: Mewtwo Hyper Offense - Single Player Team

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Core Team

Discussion: How to use this Team

This team is unique in that Mewtwo’s early power and Alakazam’s efficient buffs allow it to forego the usual extended buffing sequence into Mega Evolution opener. This allows it to take on Stages in ways that most other team’s can’t by quickly and easily eliminating dangerous Side Pairs without having to waste precious Mega time buffing afterwards. The team’s early dominance, however, does come at the price of some late game damage in comparison to powerhouse Megas like Charizard or Metagross. This isn’t to say that the team doesn’t still more than hold its own in the later stages of a match, but it merely continues to deal incredible damage as opposed to spiking to insane damage. Overall, this means the quicker you can end a game the more powerful this comp will be in comparison to something like Charizard Balance. In terms of how the team works in practice, its aforementioned lack of need for a long buffing cycle makes the segment much shorter than usual. We won’t even need a table this time! Simply devote the first two turns of the match to two uses of each pair’s unique move (“Nowhere to Hide”,“Sixth Sense!”, and “Take Flight!”), decide which of the opposing pairs is the most threatening, and then sit back and spam Psychic. There won't be much to do other than that later on in the game, although if you can find the Gauge for it Reflect is a powerful source of Damage Reduction and a decent Speed Boost with Pep Rally. And of course, Swanna’s Potion MP Refresh should be fully taken advantage of as the team starts to take damage (more on these pair’s Grids in their individual sections).

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