Team Comp Guide: Palkia Hyper Offense - Single Player Team

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Discussion: How to use this Team

This team was designed to excel in every Single Player Mode from the Battle Villa to Full Force Battles, and that’s exactly what it does. Its mixture of brutally powerful early game offense that doesn’t fall off throughout the match and the combination of bulk and healing provided by Rotom and Alakazam is versatile and powerful enough to take on any Boss in any format. Because of the team’s early power and access to an abundance of Mp Refresh Skills, I won’t be able to give you an exact order in which to use moves that is always optimal, but I can give you a few examples as well as some general tips for what a winning game with this comp should look like. Right away at the outset of a match, your biggest goal is to max out Palkia’s Special Attack and Critical Hit Chance while accumulating as many Speed boosts as possible. There are a few ways to go about this, but the one that tends to be most efficient is to spend your first turn using each pair’s trainer move (making sure to have Palkia move before Alakazam) before throwing out a Critical Squad Dire Hit. Although this is usually the best way to open a game, in Battle Villa Mp is limited so focus on using at least one of Dire Hit or “Breathtaking!” as well as “New World Order!”, X Sp.Atk, or “Sixth Sense!” on Palkia. Once you’ve applied your opening buffs, all you’ll need to do is throw out a Reflect and as many “Breathtaking!”s as possible before healing up Rotom with however many “Sixth Sense!”s you have left. From that point, proceed to drown/rip apart the opposing team with Hydro Pump or Spacial Rend depending on whether or not you managed to reach +3 Critical Hit Chance until the opposite side of the field is empty. 

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And of course, if this comp isn't working for the stage you're stuck on or you don't have the pairs to give it a try feel free to check out our comp compendium and see what strikes your fancy:

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