Team Composition Guide: BV Sun Spam - Battle Villa Team

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Core Team

Discussion: How to use this Team

Because this is a sweeping team and situations differ based on your pair’s health and Mp, I can’t give you an exact table of moves to map out your early game. What I can do, however, is give you a general framework that combined with your own common sense and another strong BV team or two should let you fully clear in just a few days. Early on, your main goal should be reaching Ho-Oh’s Sync Move as fast as possible to collect those sweet Healing and Charging sun bonuses. How you’ll want to go about this is by spamming SIlver Wind and Stun Spore as hard as your Move gauge will let you until your Leavanny has reached a good amount of buffs and all three opposing pairs are statused. From here, you’ll generally want to switch to Bug Buzz and Energy Ball (for Healing Sun, although you should still be using Stun Spore on every new opponent) since Speeding Sun will eliminate your gauge issues. That should give you everything you need to take this team into the Villa and get sweeping, but even though this goes without saying do remember to proc “Pour It On!” once or twice against Physical Stages so you don’t get bopped before your Sync Move. 

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