Team Composition Guide: F2P Auto Farming Team

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In this article we will cover the fastest Auto Team for farming. (this means Classic Training Area Farming) 

In the past we used Slaking, but with the release of Calem & Espurr  has made Hau & Alolan-Raichu to come out even faster.

With the help from our Discord Community today we will present you a new team that only uses F2P units. The requirements are simply, complete Chapter 20, in Single Player.

The Team

f2p team

Hau & Raichu are unlocked after chapter 11, where rest of the squad is unlocked end of chapter 20.

What makes this team so special?

We have finally arrived at a point where we have sync pairs that helps each other very well. Hau's Partner Alolan-Raichu is known to spam Discharge non-stop with the help of Torchic and Espurr, Raichu couldn't be happier.

Torchic raises the Sp.Atk of Raichu, where Espurr can increase the overall speed of the team. Speed helps with gauge recovery. Raichu should complete the encounter before you run out of team gauge.

For those that believes that Rosa is as good, we tested it. Sadly because of how the AI works when enabling Auto, Espurr comes of top as a better sync pair.

I hope this article helps a lot of people with farming materials, as level 120 has been confirmed, it is now a good time to stack up on those striker materials!

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