Team Composition Guide: F2P Story Team

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Team Core Members

Total Bonuses

Bonus (All) 0 2 2 0 2 0 3 0 0
Debuff (All) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Debuff (Single) 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

Team Composition

Like many strong teams in Pokemon Masters, the Free-To-Play Story Team consists of one Special Striker with two Supports. This is because the opposite ratio of Supports and Strikers leaves two Striker Sync Pairs sharing one Move Gauge, creating a bottleneck on attacks. Instead, the two Supports-- in this case, Rosa & Serperior and Skyla & Swanna-- work together to empower a third team member, Hau & Alolan Raichu.   


Build As You Go

Because rerolling in Pokemon Masters is so time-consuming-- with the first ten-pull taking place near the end of the story campaign-- completing content with free story Sync Pairs is highly recommended. Rosa & Serperior unlock from Chapter 1, with Skyla & Swanna becoming available in Chapter 5. The center member, Hau & Alolan Raichu, won’t appear until Chapter 11, which is why Korrina & Lucario are suggested in the meantime.

By focusing resources on these four characters, the player can finish the story with a solid yet flexible starter team that can swap in other Sync Pairs obtained from Summoning. 

Member Details

How To Use This Team

Below is a play-by-play table of moves to carry out. 

With all the wind-up from the beginning, Raichu comes away ready to sweep with a whopping +6 to Special Attack. The whole team will also have at least +4 Speed, with Raichu reaching his personal limit after using “Feel The Aloloan Breeze!” The Move Gauge won’t have any problems filling, but “Time to Energize!” still plays an important role since time is of the essence. Once the opponent uses their Sync Move all stat bonuses will be reset, so this sequence should be carried out right away.

1Take Flight!Speed +2, Defense +2
2Take Flight!Speed +2, Defense +2
3Sp. Attack AllSpecial Attack +2
4Sp. Attack AllSpecial Attack +2
5Feel the Alolan Breeze!Speed +3, Evasion +1
6X Sp. AtkSpecial Attack +3
7DischargeAoE Damage
8Time to Energize!Energy +3
9Discharge AoE Damage
10Time to Energize!Energy +3
11Discharge AoE Damage
12Endless Summer Gigavolt HavocAoE Damage

For a more sustained strategy on easier content, save one use of “Take Flight!” for afterwards, and buff Alolan Raichu back up with the remaining casts of “Feel The Alolan Breeze!” and X Sp. Atk.

If you're in trouble and wish to focus down the main attacker before they can launch a Sync Move, Swanna's "High-Flying Sky Attack" has respectable single-target damage scaling off of boosted Speed. Korrina & Lucario will also help against foes with higher Sp. Defense.

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