Team Composition Guide: Featuring Blue & Pidgeot

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Blue & Pidgeot: Quick Overview

In this article we will cover the most suitable team combo for the powerful Special Attack Striker pair of Blue and Pidgeot and feature their strengths and weaknesses. 

Blue’s release seems to confirm some early worries about power creep. Early on in the beta, all top level Sync Pairs were fairly similar in strength to one other, especially once they were promoted to their fullest star level. However, Blue and Pidgeot's stats are on a whole different level. Comparing Blue to the rest of the released pairs in the beta is enough to consider him the first example of Sync Pair power creep.

Blue & Pidgeot have the current highest Special Attack value in the game, on top of being one of the fastest Sync Pairs as well. To give you an example of the difference between Karen’s Mega Houndoom (one of the strongest Special Strikers in the game) and Blue’s Mega Pidgeot, Karen's Houndoom has 336 Special Attack, with its primary attack Dark Pulse having a Power of 95. Pidgeot, on the other hand has 403 Special Attack, and Hurricane, a 126 Power move.

Blue & Pidgeot are best friends in the sense that Blue covers Pidgeot’s weaknesses. Pidgeot can Mega Evolve after using its Sync Move, which then allows the usage of Hurricane. Hurricane is a whopping 126 power move, with the drawback of having 70 accuracy. Though the move states that the ability will never miss when the weather is Rainy, we recommend not going for that approach, and instead unlocking Pidgeot’s passives Haste and Acuity, which respectively prevent Pidgeot from losing Speed and Accuracy buffs. Earlier, we referred to Blue & Pidgeot as best friends. Here's the biggest reason why: Blue’s trainer skill "Smell Ya Later!" raises the Crit Rate, Evasion and Accuracy of Pidgeot, which makes this the very first Sync Pair that can cover their own weakness with self-buffs and passives, while at the same time being insured against losing the self-buffs.

Support Prospects

The following Sync Pairs were carefully selected for this article:

  • Winona & Pelipper
  • Lyra & Meganium  
  • Roxanne & Nosepass 
  • Phoebe & Dusclops
  • Rosa & Serperior 

Here are the reasons we included each one:

  • Winona & Pelipper made it to the selection process because of Rain Dance, as Hurricane can’t miss during Rainy weather.
  • Lyra & Meganium is another Sync Pair releasing alongside Blue.  Lyra has access to Dire Hit All, which will help Pidgeot achieve 100% Crit Chance. Lyra's second move is "Sunny Side Up!" which raises Attack, Special Attack & Speed of all allied units. During Sunny weather, the buff is doubled, and combined with Nosepass it would be possible for Pidgeot to achieve +6 Speed, +6 Special Attack, and +3 (100%) Crit Chance.
  • Roxanne & Nosepass have the ability “Study Buddies!” which increases both Sp.Atk and Speed by +2 for all allies; keep in mind that Blue & Pidgeot’s passive Haste prevents Speed from getting lowered.
  • Phoebe & Dusclops can raise the Critical Strike chance of all allies, while also providing a decent amount of gauge. Dusclops is also the 2nd most bulky unit currently in the game.
  • Rosa & Serperior is the queen of F2P Sync Pairs. She has access to Sp.Atk All and can refill the entire Move Gauge. It would be a disservice to discuss supporting team members without including her. 

With this we conclude the initial selection process, and can now move on to breaking down which of these pairs are best suited for Blue & Pidgeot. Before doing so, let’s go over the strengths and weaknesses of Blue, so as to better understand our central Sync Pair.

Blue & Pidgeot - Strengths

High Stats and Strong Buffs

Pidgeot has one of the game’s highest Sp.ATK values after triggering his Mega Evolution. He’s also extremely fast.

  • Smell Ya Later!” Boosts Evasion, Accuracy, and Critical Hit Rate, allowing Pidgeot to dodge many incoming attacks and hit back even harder.
  • X Sp.Atk increases his already high Sp.Atk.
  • Pidgeot’s Accuracy and Speed can’t be lowered thanks to his passives, which is an extremely valuable trait in many Situations and ensures consistent performance.

Fantastic Offensive Moves

  • Hurricane is absurdly hard-hitting, with its base Power of 126, and has the possibility of leaving the target Confused.
  • Air Cutter, on the other hand, is AoE and hits with increased Critical Hit Rate.

Both moves are extremely powerful with Blue and Mega Pidgeot's extremely high Sp.Atk stat. 

Blue & Pidgeot - Weaknesses

Low Base Accuracy

Hurricane is Mega Pidgeot's primary Offense Move, but it is only 70% Accurate. This means Pidgeot requires an Accuracy Buff or Rain Dance to be able to consistently land its main damage dealing move. 

The latter isn't recommended since the Move Gauge is better spent buffing other aspects of Pidgeot while he raises his own Accuracy through "Smell Ya Later!". With a single stage of boosted Accuracy, the move should receive a +33% bonus to accuracy (4/3*70), bringing it to ~93.3%, which makes Hurricane less risky to use.

Has a Build-up Phase

Like most Mega Evolution capable Sync Pairs, Pidgeot is less efficient for quick encounters. Optimally, Pidgeot should Mega Evolve and stick to longer Battles.

Support Selection Process

After taking a closer look into Blue & Pidgeot’s move set, we can see that Winona & Pelipper’s ability to change the weather to Rain to bolster Hurricane’s accuracy doesn't matter that much, as Blue can raise Pidgeot’s accuracy without external help. Therefore, we can eliminate her as a choice since her main draw is mostly unneeded. Meanwhile, Rosa, PhoebeLyra and Roxanne do a much better job providing buffs where Blue is lacking.

Blue’s ability “Smell Ya Later!” was mentioned earlier as raising both Evasion and Accuracy. It actually raises a third stat as well, which is Critical Hit rate. Since we already need to spend turns buffing and speeding up the process to access Mega-Evolution, Phoebe & Dusclops will be very valuable, as they can use Dire Hit All twice, which will result in Pidgeot having 100% Critical Chance.

Lyra & Meganium have access to Speed, Sp.Atk and Critical Hit Chance buffs. Sadly, with the majority of their bulk coming from having a high amount of HP, their Defense & Sp.Defense are rather low in comparison to other bulky Support pairs (Phoebe and Rosa in particular). Meganium has Light Screen to make up for her lack of defensive capabilities, but the problem here is that Meganium needs the Light Screen just to be on par with bulky units like Dusclops and Serperior. While Meganium has the potential to grant Blue everything he needs, it sadly takes a long time to set up the right conditions. Meganium needs to increase its own bulk first before boosting offensive capabilities, which means the offensive buffs will be delayed quite a bit. Therefore, she serves the same role as Phoebe, but slightly less effectively.

All four supports still in this discussion can raise the Move Gauge (Nosepass and Meganium indirectly, via Speed buffs) which means Phoebe is safe to assume that she is the core support here due to her combination of high bulk (superior to Meganium) and Critical Hit rate buff. This leaves us with the choice of either eliminating Roxanne or Rosa.

Roxanne has “Study Buddies!” which sharply raises both Speed and Sp.Atk by +2, similar to how Rosa can also raise Sp.Atk by +2. The key difference is that Roxanne’s buff includes Speed for the already fast Pidgeot, which means the rate of Move Gauge increase will be extremely high. 

Rosa can refill the entire Move Gauge twice, in her defense. So the biggest difference here is the +4 Speed versus 12 immediate Move Gauge (2x6 gauge refills). However, because of Pidgeot’s Passive Haste making it so its Speed can’t be lowered, in a prolonged battle sequence Speed is the highest value buff. Plus, because you already need setup time for Pidgeot to Mega Evolve, batles will tend to be longer, further favoring Speed over immediate gauge refills.

So taking all that into account, now to rank the supports:

  • 1# Phoebe & Dusclops
  • 2# Roxanne & Nosepass
  • 3# Lyra & Meganium (if not using Phoebe)
  • 4# Rosa & Serperior
  • 5# Winona & Pelipper

You can still use any of those five supports successfully, so players can use alternatives in case one does not have or want to use a particular Sync Pair.

Core Team Stats & Moves

Discussion: How to use this Team

The most important aspect here is to raise Blue’s Critical Hit rate to stage +3, for 100% Critical Hit Chance, while also increasing his Accuracy to spam Hurricane without missing. Sp.Atk and Speed will definitely help with damage output, but Accuracy and Critical Chance will be the most important stats to focus on.

The following Build-Up Phase table outlines how best to buff this team: 

Turn Move Effect
1 Blue - X Sp. Atk Raises Sp.Atk by +2
2 Phoebe - Dire Hit All Raises all allies Critical Chance by +1
3 Roxanne - X Defense All Raises all allies Defense by +2
4 Blue - Smell Ya Later! Raises users Accuracy, Evasion and Critical Chance by +1 (+1, +1, +2)
5 Phoebe - Dire Hit All Raises all allies Critical Chance by +1 (Pidgeot +3)
6 Roxanne - Study Buddies! Raises all allies Speed and Sp.Atk by +2
7 Blue - Air Cutter/Air Slash Either AoE or single target attack depending on encounter
8 Roxanne - Study Buddies! Raises all allies Speed and Sp.Atk by +2 (+4)
9 Blue - Air Cutter/Air Slash Either AoE or single target attack depending on encounter
10 Blue - Sync Move Mega-Pidgeot Achieved

Pidgeot will now have +6 Sp.Atk, +3 Critical Hit Rate and +4 Speed. Dusclops was buffed once, just so that she is bulkier than Serperior. With this setup, Blue is ready to spam that Hurricane for days while Phoebe will help out with Move Gauge whenever it is necessary. Very few enemies will be able to stand in the face of the destruction Blue and Mega Pidgeot can rain down with this team around them!

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