Tier List Change Log - 11/19/2021 (Full Revamp)

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Tier List Revamp

GamePress’ Tier Lists have been fully redone from the ground up! First, I, Ropalme1914, will be responsible for maintaining the Tier Lists from now on – the explanations for the new units will also be redone over time for a more up-to-date view. Second, we decided to take a more modern look at our categories – while making lists for both type of Strikers, Techs and Supports made more sense back when the game first released, nowadays the line is a lot blurrier, with some Tech units having more similarities to your average striker than others and vice-versa. Also, the division between physical units and special units isn’t really required anymore. As such, our new Tier Lists are going to be divided into Damage Dealer, Utility, and Hybrid units. Finally, we have also created sub-groups to further distinct the units within their Tiers and created new Tier 0 for all lists.

New Divisions

Damage Dealers, as the name implies, are the units that will carry the damage output for the team. They often hit very hard with their normal moves, Sync moves, or both, and want to be set up as soon as possible. Most of the time, they are Strikers, but not always. Teams are often made with their main Damage Dealer in mind, with Supports being added to give whatever they need. Although their offensive power is the main metric here, some damage dealers can offer a few supportive capabilities to the team, like Sygna Suit Erika with Sunny Day and Classic Blue with Dire Hit All +.

Utility units are the ones who focus on things outside of damage, like buffs and debuffs. They often are the backbone of the team by letting your Damage Dealer reach its full potential and providing things like longevity to the team. Most of the time, they are Supports, but not always. Although their supportive capabilities are the main metric here, some utility units can offer some offensive presence too, like Sygna Suit Blue with Hydro Cannon on Rain teams.

Hybrid units are Sync Pairs that provide a mix of offensive and supportive capabilities in a more balanced way than the other two Tiers. They tend to provide multiple helpful things to the team, although not necessarily to the same extent as the dedicated units on both spectrums. Most of the time, they are Tech units, but not always. Some Hybrids may be closer to one side or the other, like Archie who has a bit more of offensive capabilities than supportive ones, but they still tend to be relevant on both sides.


Another new change to the Tier List is the introduction of sub-groups. They are essentially “Tiers inside the Tiers”: Although Sync Pairs are already ordered inside of the Tiers individually, some units are already close enough that they can be grouped and even have interchangeable places between themselves. The sub-groups are identified by the background color of their icon, as all units with the same background color on the same Tier are on the same sub-group. This is done so that we have an even clearer distinction between the units without being too strict with the individual positions either. Sub-groups will only be done on the upper divisions of each list, as the differences between weaker pairs start to get too small to make this distinction worth it.

Tier 0

As the final big change, there’s now a Tier 0 on all three Tier Lists. Tier 0 units are the best of the best in their category, standing out from the others with their sheer power that goes beyond the highest Tiers and often being meta-defining. Due to this, the requirement to enter Tier 0 will be stricter than the other Tiers, and they will almost always be the smallest Tier on all lists. Due to the nature of the Tier 0, there won’t be sub-groups either - all Tier 0 units will always be on the same sub-group, with the next division being the highest sub-group on Tier 1.


Those are all the main changes for the GamePress’ Tier List! Updates will often come shortly after each datamine and, if necessary, additional ones will be made mid-month too, such as a unit far surpassing our expectations or performing worse than expected. The changelog will also always keep track of the latest updates done so that you can follow all changes easily too, so we hope you stay tuned!

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