Tier List Change Log - 7/29/2019

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Article by NorseFTX

Tier List Change Log

  • Bump up the Dual Types universally up one tier - Done, although instead added “Dual Type” as another trait that will increase a Pokemon’s “Tier Score” by 1.
  • Remove duplicates (Leave only the highest evolution form) - Kept only highest evolution form or Mega form.
  • Co op friendly moves should be indicated - Only Dusclops currently has a move that is effective only during Co op (passive: “Pass It On”), so currently the list will only have 1 Pokemon and won’t be separated yet.
  • Recalc stats as best Damage per Move Gauge - Done below
  • Ones with Physical AND Special should appear on both lists - Done
  • (On the above): Perhaps also sort attackers by the following formula: ([Attack * (Power / 100) * (Accuracy/100) ] / Move Gauge Cost) - Added as separate tables
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