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New Year Update

Welcome to the final update of 2021! As you have noticed, it took around 1 month from the last update for us to release this one – this is because of the unexpected early update from DeNA throwing our schedule even after the changes were decided, so this is essentially two updates in one! This time, updates were made to give some weight to Extreme Battles that have been increasingly more common and the upcoming Legendary Gauntlet (although Master Mode is still considered as the main game mode), new Lucky Skills and the new field effects: Dragon Zone and Ghost Zone.

Update by Ropalme1914#4339 with contributions from Spark#8888, Raven8#5530, Runner#7562, Mr.Smee#6764, Darkshark#0128, Droid#2145, Zoopy3000#0001, joek#1069 and Thegkhst (Help)#1395.

Tier 0 Changes & Tier Ultra Removal