Upcoming Content Report 08/14/2021: Red & Snorlax, Blue & Aerodactyl

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New Sync Pairs

After the 2nd year anniversary, we're getting a mid-month update featuring Red who joins Pasio with Snorlax, which has access to Gigantamax moves, as well as another version of Blue paired with Mega-Aerodactyl!
- Red & Snorlax: Poké Fair Scout from September the 16th to October the 30th.
- Blue (Classic) & Aerodactyl (Mega): Poké Fair Scout from September the 18th to October the 30th.

New Sync Grids and 6* EX

All the new Sync Pairs come with their standard Sync Grid expansions that you can check on our Sync Grid Planner Tool! As usual, they also get access to their 6* EX form. Additionally, Giovanni & Mewtwo are also receiving their 6* EX form this month.

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