Upcoming Content Report 11/26/2020: New Holiday Pairs, Grids, and More!

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New Sync Pairs

Data for three new Gacha units (the most exciting of which, Gloria & Zacian, will be available on 11/29/2020) have been released! Comfey and Togekiss will be 2020's limited run holiday units, so don't miss out on these exclusive banners!
* Note data on this page, if not yet released, is not 100% confirmed and is subject to change.

Four New Sync Grids

The incredible Sceptile, by far the longest-lived of the old guard Strikers, will finally finally make its way back into the meta later this month with an excellent new Sync Grid! On top of this, the three new Gachas datamined yesterday each come with one out of the box. For more details on what all these toasty grids contain, head over to our handy Sync Grid Planner Tool!

Four Old Pairs Gaining 6 Star EX Forms!

Four old pairs, including f2p staple Iris & Haxorus along with the newly invigorated Sceptile as well as the awesomely tanky Torterra and Steelix will be receiving 6 Star EX forms later this month! Additionally, all new gacha pairs will have theirs immediately available as usual.

Legendary Arena Event: Regirock

This month's Legendary Arena will feature staple main series physical wall Regirock, so get those Special Attackers ready and stay tuned for our guide coming later in the month!

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