Upcoming Content Report 8/15/2019: 12 New Sync Pairs in Upcoming Pre-Release

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Upcoming Content 8/15/2019: Sync Pair List

Below are a list of Sync Pairs that are in development, but are not yet playable for the current, pre-release "Beta" version (Singapore and Canada regions only). Presumably these Sync Pairs will eventually become playable, although information is not yet known on when they will be released.

There are 8 practical Sync Pairs (12 including evolutions):

There were a couple other exciting things coming up soon:

[feature_GuaranteeRarity5_gacha_Normal_01] 5★-Guaranteed Launch Celebration Scout
[event_M1_1W_Normal_01] Blue Spotlight Scout
[event_M1_2W_Normal_01] Olivia Spotlight Scout
[event_M1_4W_Normal_01] Hilbert Spotlight Scout
[event_M1_3W_Normal_01] Lyra Spotlight Scout

From this there will likely be a guaranteed 5* Banner at launch, although details are still unknown as to how the banner will work.

* Note data on this page, if not yet released, is not 100% confirmed and is subject to change.

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