Upcoming Content Report 9/10/2020: Four New Sync Pairs And A Move Candy Providing Story Event!

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Available Sync Pairs

Data has been released for three incredible gacha banners of all-new Sync Pairs, all of whom are designed to synergise with each other! Lusamine & Pheromosa, the most exciting of the three, is available for scouting now, while Gladion and Lillie will be available on the 13th and 16th of September respectively. Additionally, a continuation of Jessie's Celebi Event will make the game's first dedicated aoe poison spreader, James & Weezing, available for free to all players!
* Note data on this page, if not yet released, is not 100% confirmed and is subject to change.

Three New Sync Grids!

Unfortunately, none of the game's existing pairs were granted Sync Grids with this update, but all three of the newcomers from Alola have excellent Grids that you can already start playing around with through the tool linked above!

Family Ties Story Event

The Story Event accompanying the new Sync Pairs, Family Ties, features the standard Story Event map format, but with much better rewards than usual. Players who complete this Event will obtain rare materials like Strike and Tech Move Candy Coins as well as 4 Star Power Ups!

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