Upcoming Sync Pairs 9/26/2022: Fall Seasonals & More!

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New Sync Pairs

Fall Season is there and with it comes their special Sync Pairs as well as more units being released!

  • Sygna Suit Wally & (Mega) Gardevoir (Shiny) : Poké Fair Scout from September the 28th to October the 31st
  • Raihan & Gigalith : New Trainer Lodge Sync Pairs added on October the 1st
  • Gordie & Coalossal : Spotlight Scout from October the 3rd to October the 24th
  • Melony & Lapras : Spotlight Scout from October the 5th to October the 24th
  • Victor & Rillaboom : Poké Fair Scout from October the 7th to October the 24th
  • Helena (Hex Maniac) & Haunter : Story Event Sync Pair from October the 17th to November the 3rd
  • Iris (Fall 2022) & Naganadel : Seasonal Scout Scout from October the 17th to November the 3rd
  • Allister (Fall 2022) & Gourgeist (Super Size) : Seasonal Scout from October the 19th to November the 3rd

Be on the lookout for our future Should You Pull Articles and Tier Lists Updates featuring these new Sync Pairs.

New Sync Grids and 6* EX

All the new Sync Pairs come with their standard Sync Grid expansions that you can check on our Sync Grid Planner Tool! As usual, they also get access to their 6* EX form (except Raihan & Gigalith and Helena & Haunter).

The following Sync Pairs are also receiving their Sync Grids expansion (with Glacia & Glalie also receiving their 6* EX form in the process):

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