How to Play and Getting Started with Pokemon Rumble Rush

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Getting the Game

To download Pokemon Rumble Rush from the Google Play Store, you must be located in Australia. The game may be accessed via APK if you are outside of the AUS region.

Getting Started

Pokemon Rumble Rush has a robust tutorial that will teach you what you need to know to play the game. 

The game begins with your first Pokemon, a Rattata, walking down a linear outdoor path littered with other Pokemon. 


Your character will walk down the path automatically. Tapping the screen will cause your Pokemon to attack, which automatically locks onto the nearest enemy. 

Holding down a tap charges up an attack for a larger burst of damage. 

Pokemon and moves have the same types as they do in every Pokemon game, and Super Effective damage is applicable. 

Pokemon can be switched out at any time during combat. 

After a stage boss is defeated at the end of a level, the Rewards screen is presented that shows Pokemon, feathers, and Ores that have been dropped.

More information is available in our Basic Mechanics guide. 


The Menu and Overworld

After several missions, you'll be able to interact with the Main Menu in many ways. In the top right corner, you can open your mission list to claim Diamond rewards(dailies included) and enter tournaments. If you look at the bottom you can go to the Adventure map, check up on your Pokemon and Gears, look at the Ore you have received, The top bar has your rank, tickets, diamond, and PokeCoin totals. 


    After pressing the "Menu" button in the top left corner, you can interact with the options menu which allows you to change the sound or graphic settings, as well as link your Nintendo account and get other tips on the game. You can also edit your trainer profile page, check your friend list, and look at any in-game notices.

    The "Pokemon & Gears" button takes you to your Pokedex, your Pokemon list, or your item list(Gears & Upgrades). Pokemon's equipped gears can be managed from the Pokemon screen. More information on gears can be found in our Gear Guide

    Currency System

    Guide Feathers are consumed whenever a player wants to "search" for a level to complete. In the Adventure map, players choose a random point on it at the cost of 1 feather. The Pokemon encountered in the level and as the boss is randomly picked from a pool unique to that island. 

    Functionally, Ores are the "loot boxes" of Pokemon Rumble Rush. Ores are set on a cooldown to open and reward Gears. There are two types of gears:

    • Summon Gears which call forward a helper Pokemon to perform a special move(Charges up over the course of a level)
    • Power Gears which grant additional stats or boost the power of moves

    Diamonds are a currency used to pay to speed up Ore processing. 

    Tickets are also available as a currency to speed up Ore processing. 

    P(Gold) are earned through level completion and is used when upgrading Gears. 


    A one-time Bonus Set is available for ~$4 USD that includes 400 Diamonds, an extra Ore refining slot(you only get 3), and an exclusive Pikachu Summon Gear. 

    Other sets include:

    ~$4 USD for 400 Diamonds and a catch rate boost for Pokemon

    ~6 USD for 600 Diamonds and an extra Ore refining slot

    ~8 USD for 800 Diamonds + 80 per day for 30 days

    Diamonds are alternately priced at $1.02USD per 100, with a minimal discount for purchases in bulk.