What is Ore?

Ore is an item that can be processed into P and Gears. 

When an Ore is received at the end of a stage, you'll be taken to the Ore Refining screen. You can hold up to 3 Ore at a time, and can only process one at a time. Ore processing time can take somewhere between 2 seconds and 10 hours, depending on the rarity of Ore. 

What's Inside the Ore?

Ore contains 3 things:

  • Power Gears
  • Summon Gears
  • P (Gold)

Power Gears and Gold are guaranteed rewards upon opening Ore, while Summon Gears have a low percentage chance to drop, depending on Ore rarity. When selecting an Ore, you can view all possible drops from that Ore by pressing the "i" in the top right corner.

Ore Name Refine Time Optional Costs Contents
Ore 30 Minutes 15 Diamonds, 1 Ticket Type Power Gear, Other Gears, 500 Coins
Unusual Ore 3 Hours 90 Diamons, 3 Tickets Type Power Gear, Other Gears, 2500 Coin
Rare Ore 10 Hours 300 Diamonds, 10 Tickets Type Power Gear, Other Gears, 7500 Coins