Pokemon Rumble Rush Basic Mechanics

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Combat Controls


Your pokemon will automatically approach the nearest target and attack the target with a white target mark on them. 


You can switch the target mark by tapping. You can force your Pokemon to attack by tapping the screen. 


Swipe to make your Pokemon quickly dodge attacks. You can also swipe the screen to move your pokemon through levels faster! 

Charge Attacks

Tap and hold down on the screen to use a charged move. 

Equipment and Moves

Summon Moves

Summon gears are new to Pokemon Rumble Rush! If a summon gear is equipped to your Pokemon, they can be used to activate a special move! 

The summon gear gauge slowly fills whenever you defeat an enemy. Once enough have been defeated, tap the icon to unleash a powerful move! 

Power Gears

Power gears are passive statistical increases that are equipped by Pokemon. They can increase certain move's damage, CP, HP, attack speed, and more. Some Pokemon can equip more than one Power Gear.




Every Pokemon knows one move in Pokemon Rumble Rush, which also has a rarity. Higher rarity moves will do more damage or have different effects. 

Type Advantages

Just like other Pokemon games, type matters. 

Pokemon base type and the types of moves affect how much inbound damage they'll receive. 

Super Effective and Not Very Effective damage rules apply; this means if you use a Water-type move on a Fire-type Pokemon it deals extra damage. Conversely, using an Electric-type move on a Ground-type Pokemon will do little damage. 

The Pokemon's move and Gears both have elements attached to them, which will determine how effective they are against an enemy. 



The overall strength of a Pokemon. This stat can be increased with items such as power or summon gears. 


The higher this number is, the more damage a Pokemon's attack will do. Shown next to the red sword icon in the Pokemon screen.


The higher the number is, the less damage a Pokemon will receive upon attack. Shown next to the green shield icon in the Pokemon screen.


The Hit Points, or health the Pokemon has before fainting. Shown next to the blue heart icon in the Pokemon screen.

Critical Rate

The chance your Pokemon has of critically damaging an opponent, dealing extra damage. Shown next to the yellow X icon in the Pokemon screen.


Catch Bonus

If you catch the same Pokemon multiple times, you'll receive a Catch Bonus. This will increase the CP of that Pokemon if it is caught again. Catch Bonus progress can be tracked through the Dex. 

The Catch Bonus only applies to one species of Pokemon. So Charmander does not apply a catch bonus to Fire-types, or Charizard. 


Stage Search

Guide Feathers will be received sometimes at the end of the stage. You can hold a maximum of 5 Guide Feathers. Pokemon Stages will be discovered by selecting a random area on the map. Picking a point near an already marked location may help you find a specific Pokemon you're looking for. The Pokemon appear for a brief moment on your radar. 

Stronger Pokemon will appear in stages when your stage rank is higher. You will also encounter different Pokemon as your rank increases. You can increase your stage rank by clearing stages.

Clicking on the random hot-air balloons on the screen right before searching for a stage will allow you to see other player's profiles and even select a stage they recommend!