Qan[T] Full Saber - Should You Pull?

Qant Full Saber Valentine's Day Gacha Banner


Today we've got another edition of Should You Pull, brought to you by AetherRose on our discord server at Check out my assessment of this week's banner below!



Qant is a fan favorite, in spite of the season it’s based on, because it’s literally made of swords. Obviously, a lot of people find things that are just made of swords to be really cool, so Bamco has a lot of hype to live up to!

Last week we got 1,180 Haro Chips, and here’s how: 

  • 100 - Login Bonus
  • 350 - Daily Achievements
  • 150 - Event Login
  • 240 - Mission Completion
  • 340 - Arena Participation

Let’s set up some ground rules so you know exactly what to expect and how you should be treating this!

This is entirely my opinion, but I will do my best to justify my opinion and explain to you why I feel a certain way. If at all possible, I’ll use real numbers as well and present an objective outlook before my opinion.

Do not pull on the banner hoping for a single Part. It’s 0.2% for a single Part, which is 50x 10-pulls or 500 pulls. In terms of real money, that’s 5,400 USD. 

SS is considered meta defining, S is meta, A is great, B is average, C is below average, D is considered well below average, and F is awful. Parts are compared to all other Parts as a whole and on how well they synergize with other Parts. This means a 4* and a 3* would be compared to everything as low as a 1* to as high as other 4*s.

There are some notations which aren’t immediately obvious:

An EX Skill with D/B at 21/6 CD means it has a D in Piercing, B in Power, a 21 second cooldown, and it’s available for use 6 seconds after the match starts.

All stats are at Max Value, but all EX Skills and Part Traits will be considered at Level 1 (One).

With all of that out of the way, let’s get right into the new banner and what we’re looking at this week!

This week is a limited banner, which means it will not be going to Standard Gunpla Parts Capsule when the week is up.

Banner Grade: SS

Summary: This banner has a 3.6% (11.23%) chance of drawing something above average, and a 0.6% (1.87%) chance of drawing something of great value or higher.

Holy cow, this banner is ridiculous! While many of the Parts are above average, only one of them is great. That’re extremely likely to get at least one really good Part if you pull, so this is easily one of or the best banner to date, depending on your needs.

I would not skip.

Prime Pool percentages are in parenthesis

Qan[T] Full Saber

HG Gunpla Qan[T] Full Saber


Head: B+

With average stats, and an extremely slight bonus to M.Atk at 972, this is statistically an average Head. The Repair Tool EX Skill is nice, since it gives 30% to the entire Squad on a 45/9s CD, but it’s not a big deal either. Really, the most stand out feature of the Head is the fact it comes with Protag. and Close Combat, but even that is only minorly better than average.

Chest: A-

With well above average Armor, M.Atk, and S.Atk at 1.,745, 555, and 972 respectively, and paired with the same Tags as the Head, this is a pretty strong Chest for filling Parts. It’s far from the best Chest, but it gets the job done. Additionally, it comes with Defense Hack B, which reduces M.Def and S.Def of all enemies by 18% for 20s, which is on a CD of 45/9s.

Arms: S

With 2,770 M.Atk and a beastly 17% Melee Power when Power Attribute, this is...surprisingly worse than the Susanowo Arms, but still one of the best Arms in the game. Certainly, they’re more accessible and work with more builds. Finally, it comes with Protag. and Gundam Type, which could arguably help to edge out the bonus from Susanowo Arms by 2%.

Legs: B

Again with the generally average stats and slightly above average M.Atk and S.Atk, sitting at 972 and 555 respectively. I can’t stress enough that these minor increases in Atk values over other Parts do not really matter. What does matter, however, is that these Legs reduce EX Skill CD by 6% for In Fighters, which makes this a relatively strong choice for Multi Missions, albeit dangerous since you have to use In Fighter.

Backpack: A

927 M.Atk: check, 555 S.Atk: check. This is, in fact, a Qant Part. It also comes with the Hissatsu of this banner, Full Saber Attack, which ...says it TELEPORTS TO THE ENEMY...but it’s lying, so ignore it, and it has D/A on a 120/30s CD. Additionally, it raises M.Atk by 20% and P.Res by 60%. Additionally, Protag.

GN Sword IV [Katar Mode]: A

There’s a lot of Melee Weapons on this banner. Someone send help. 3,582 M.Atk and boosts EX Skill Power by 17% when you have 80% or less Armor. Very good, but the limitation is rough.

GN Sword IV [Saber Mode]: B+

3,713 is slightly above average M.Atk, but it’s with a rather terrible Part Trait. With Physical, Strong Melee CRT rate boosted 10%. Basically worthless and difficult to even make use of.

GN Gun Blade [Blade Mode]: A

Finally! You can play as Squall! Best Part in the game, SS+ easy, everyone can whale and go home now, game’s done. Really, though, it’s 3,713 M.Atk and reduces Enemy Shooting Power by 17%, which is very nice.

GN Sword IV Full Saber: A+

Easily my favorite Part on this banner. Not only does it look cool, it has a stunning Part Trait and massive M.Atk. Let’s start with the stats, boasting 4,004 M.Atk on the absolute train that is Blade multipliers. Next, the Part Trait gives 6% Initial EX Skill Charge when you have Close Combat. Finally, it has Protag. and Close Combat!

GN Sword IV [Rifle Mode]: B-

Pew pew goes the 3,331 S.Atk, because that is just a pew in a game about BLARGHS. It comes with an absolutely awful B+/D 30/3 CD EX Skill as well.

Aesthetics: A

SWORDS, SWORDS EVERYWHERE. CHOO CHOO I’M A SWORD! Basically, it rocks that High School design energy real hard, but it’s good at it. I can’t sit here and say it looks bad just because it’s overdesigned, because it’s overdesigned in the right way. I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic, but it’s nice to look at and can add a lot of spice to an otherwise bland kitbash.

AI Pilots Lalah Sune (4*) and Louise Halevy (3*)

AI Pilots Lalah Sune and Louise Halevy

Banner Grade: S

Lalah is just...great. She pushes the boundary of what a Supporter can be and offers exactly what I was looking for in a powerful ally. The only thing is, even though a 1,600 S.Atk Supporter is surely going to come out, they probably will have to work to be as good as Lalah because of her amazing Word Tags.

Lalah Sune: S

Oh good, now I have to call the GhostBusters. Her support abilities are legendary, transcending time and space and ESPECIALLY DEATH to help Amuro and Char kill eachother. Does she stack up? Well, she increases Debuff EX Skill Effect by 4% when Technique, she has 1,184 S.Atk, and she has one of the best Job Licenses in the game, as well as an aggressive Long Range and Ace Excl. Word Tag set, so...yes. That’s amazing! The Supporter AI is far smarter than either of the Shooter AIs and the bonus from her License is obscene! Get your ghost lady today!

Louise Halevy: A

I’ll be real, I didn’t remember her until I googled them, and I watched 00 like last month. So...yeah, maybe the reason she’s such a good Defender is everybody just forgets she’s there. AHEM, ANYWAYS, with 1,144 Armor and a Part Trait that decreases All Power by 1%, she’s pretty good. Nothing amazing, but great for a blue pilot nonetheless.

HG Gunpla Arche Gundam

I was going to do a write-up on Arche, but Scuba will do it more justice.
I'm definitely not more hype about Arche than Qant. Nope. Not at all.


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