Raid Strategy: VS Magnamon

  • Team layouts and examples for taking down the Magnamon Raid.

Here’s a good read while preparing a raid team. Remember that we are trying to grind the raid efficiently. NOT trying to defeat the level 10 raid solo.

Summary: Magnamon Raid Boss

  • He is a PWR type Digimon
  • Main skill damages 3 targets and sub skill is ST.
  • He buffs himself with 30% PWR resistance, 40% PWR and 50% Counter Rate via skills
  • He is immune to all status effects.

MVP Digimons

Use them if you have them, they are tailored made for this raid

  • AeroVeedramon - once again, you cannot farm any raid without a DEF debuff and AeroVeedramon provide the strongest DEF debuff at 40%. Also deals great damage himself.
  • Offensive buffer - another mandatory team member. Wisemon or WaruSeadramon for TEC buff because TEC team is much more efficient for this raid. Use whichever that is higher skill level.
  • MetalGarurumon - the strongest Single Target TEC DPS in the game. TEC team is much better due to the Magnamon's PWR resistance.
  • MegaGargomon - always an MVP for TEC team facing a PWR raid boss. He has TEC resistance debuff to boost your TEC team DPS and PWR debuff to mitigate some damage.

Special Digimons

These are good choices but there is some limiting factor.

  • Phoenixmon - a decent support for your TEC team (likely made up of Calm Digimons). Healing allows you to auto grind. Other healers work as well.

    To be fair, there isn't much other niche Digimons to use since the fight is quite straightforward.

Traps: Do Not Use

These Digimons may seem good on paper but they are actually not practical for this raid

  • PWR Team - There really isn't much to think about Magnamon's raid since it is very straightforward. Just don't use any PWR based team and you will do just fine. The only exception is AeroVeedramon becuse 40% DEF debuff is mandatory in any raids.

Team Examples

AeroVeedramon + MegaGargomon + MetalGarurumon + Wisemon or WaruSeadramon + Piedmon or any TEC DPS

  • The optimal TEC team for this raid.
  • MegaGargomon debuffs enemy PWR and boost your team DPS with TEC resistance debuff
  • After that, it's just full on DPS.


JP ReArise veteran.