Raid Strategy: VS Phantomon / Bakemon

  • Team layouts and examples for taking down the Phantomon Raid

Here’s a good read while preparing a raid team. Remember that we are trying to grind the raid efficiently. NOT trying to defeat the level 10 raid solo.

Summary: Phantomon/Bakemon Raid Boss

T​​​​hey are essentially the same Digimon. They are both TEC and have the same skills/passives. Phantomon will have better stats because it’s the evolved form.

  • Main skill is 2 Targets with chance to inflict Darkness/Blind.
  • Sub skill is 3 Targets with Pin Point debuff. You can safely ignore this effect.
  • They are vulnerable to Damage over Time and innately immune to all other status effects.
  • Phantomon drops more Halloween currency, be sure to share them.

MVP Digimon

Use them if you have them, they are tailored made for this raid.

  • WarGreymon - Party Darkness immunity and Best DPS for raid. What else is to say. Since WarGreymon is the MVP, try to use a PWR team for better synergy. Otherwise, just put WarGreymon in your team (even if not yet digivolve) for the Darkness immunity.
  • Ravemon - Also MVP for his ability to provide Darkness immunity. If your TEC team set up is better, Ravemon is perfect for TEC team.
  • AeroVeedramon - once again, you cannot farm any raid without a DEF debuff and AeroVeedramon provide the strongest DEF debuff at 40%. Also deals great damage himself.
  • Offensive buffer - another mandatory team member. Use MetalGreymon or Lilamon for PWR buff; Use Wisemon or WaruSeadramon for TEC buff. Use whichever that is higher skill level.

Special Digimon

These are good choices but you need to build a specific team around them and hence may not be possible for everyone.

  • HiAndromon/Mamemon - Since the boss hits multi targets, buffing your whole team’s DEF is a good idea.
  • Ebemon - TEC debuff and inflict Error for some chip damage. Best used in a TEC team.

Traps: Do Not Use

There are no traps for this raid since Phantomon/Bakemon don’t do anything else other than inflicting Darkness and AoE damage. You can do well with any team as long as you have Darkness immunity.

So, go wild and have fun with all the Digimons that you pulled !!!

Team Examples

WarGreymon + Titamon + AeroVeedramon + Boltmon + BlackMetalGreymon/Lilamon

Ravemon + MetalGarurumon + AeroVeedramon + Ebemon + Wisemon/WaruSeadramon

These 2 teams are, in my opinion, the highest damage output team possible currently for PWR/TEC team respectively.

Try to emulate as much as possible but truly no pressure this time, you can do well with either PWR/TEC team as long as you have Darkness immunity on your side.


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