Raid Strategy: VS Phoenixmon

  • Team layouts and examples for taking down the Phoenixmon Raid.

Here’s a good read while preparing a raid team. Remember that we are trying to grind the raid efficiently. NOT trying to defeat the level 10 raid solo.

Summary: Phoenixmon Raid Boss

  • She is a TEC type Digimon
  • Both main and sub skill damages 3 targets.
  • She can inflict Burn with main skill. Burn deals damage over time for each of every action that a Digimon takes.
  • She debuff your TEC resistance to boost her own damage.
  • Don't worry, the raid boss will not heal herself. The PWR resistance debuff can be ignored too since Phoenixmon is TEC.
  • He is vulnerable to Poison and Error but not Burn. Also innately immune to all disabling status effects just like all other Raid bosses.

MVP Digimons

Use them if you have them, they are tailored made for this raid

  • AeroVeedramon - once again, you cannot farm any raid without a DEF debuff and AeroVeedramon provide the strongest DEF debuff at 40%. Also deals great damage himself.
  • Offensive buffer - another mandatory team member. Use MetalGreymon or Lilamon for PWR buff; Use Wisemon or WaruSeadramon for TEC buff. Use whichever that is higher skill level.
  • MetalGarurumon/WarGreymon - currently still the strongest Single Target DPS in the game. MetalGarurumon is slightly better because TEC team has a reliable way to prevent Burn while PWR team doesn't.
  • MegaGargomon - has TEC resistance debuff to boost your TEC team DPS if you choose to run MetalGarurumon + TEC friends. Also provide immunity to Burn for all allies. 

Special Digimons

These are good choices but there is some limiting factor.

  • Gankoomon - has 30% TEC resistance buff to mitigate damage + decent PWR and a ST main skill + fits right in a PWR team. Only problem is he is locked behind a 750 BP medal DigiEgg.
  • Ebemon - debuffs TEC and inflict Error for some chip damage. Deals decent damage when boosted.
  • HiAndromon/Mamemon - strong DEF buff goes a long way to mitigate Phoenixmon's AoE attacks but they provide very little DPS to the team.

Traps: Do Not Use

These Digimons may seem good on paper but they are actually not practical for this raid

  • BlueMeramon (Brave), SkullMeramon (Deft) [Ultimates] - This 2 provide burn immunity to the respective Digimon type only. They are not worth using because they restrict your team options too much and are deadweight themselves that don’t do much else other than providing a passive ability.
  • Daemon (Deft) - Daemon provide immunity to Burn for Deft allies only. While he sports a very high PWR stat that can be further boosted by Lilamon (Deft). Daemon only has 1 damaging skill. He also depends largely on counter attacks to deal damage. The counter animation will consume lots of time and hence limiting the total team DPS in the Raid duration (5 minutes).

Team Examples

You will find the team recommendations is very similar to the ShineGreymon raid. That's because the raids are very similar.

Gankoomon + AeroVeedramon + WarGreymon + BlackMetalGreymon or Lilamon + Boltmon or VenomMyotismon or ShineGreymon

  • A very good PWR team. High damage output with great defense capabilities.
  • However, it does require a hard-to-obtain Gankoomon and your team will be susceptible to Burn.
  • Gankoomon can be replaced with HiAndromon/Mamemon if you find your team dying too fast.


AeroVeedramon + MegaGargomon + MetalGarurumon + Wisemon or WaruSeadramon + Ebemon

  • The optimal TEC team for this raid.
  • MegaGargomon provide Burn immunity and boost TEC damage
  • Ebemon debuff enemy boss TEC


AeroVeedramon + Daemon + Groundramon + Lilamon + any PWR DPS

  • A deft team composition for those that do not have either WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon because they reroll on Daemon’s banner.
  • If you have either WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon, please build a team around them instead.


JP ReArise veteran.