Raid Strategy: VS WarGreymon

  • Team layouts and examples for taking down the WarGreymon Raid

Here’s a good read while preparing a raid team. Remember that we are trying to grind the raid efficiently. NOT trying to defeat the level 10 raid solo.

Summary: MetalGarurumon Raid Boss

  • He is a PWR type Digimon
  • He has 2 ST skills
  • He can inflict Stun with main skill. Stun disables your Digimon and they won't attack or use skills anymore.
  • He buffs his own PWR with sub-skill; also debuff the target’s PWR with main skill.
  • He is vulnerable to Damage over TIme and innately immune to all other status effects.

MVP Digimon

Use them if you have them, they are tailored made for this raid.

  • AeroVeedramon - once again, you cannot farm any raid without a DEF debuff and AeroVeedramon provides the strongest DEF debuff at 40%. It also deals great damage himself.
  • Offensive buffer - another mandatory team member. Use MetalGreymon or Lilamon for PWR buff; Use Wisemon or WaruSeadramon for TEC buff. Use whichever is the higher skill level.
  • WarGreymon  - currently the strongest single target DPS in the game. Self-explanatory. WarGreymon deserves a second mention because he can debuff the boss’ PWR.

Special Digimon

These are good choices but you need to build a specific team around them and hence may not be possible for everyone.

  • Titamon - immunity to Stun for Brave allies only. Debuff PWR resistance to boost PWR allies damage and inflict Poison for additional chip damage. However, Titamon can only be pulled from tutorial gacha.
  • SuperStarmon - tank ST skills from WarGreymon. However, once they got frozen, they are no longer targetable by MetalGarurumon, essentially making them useless.
  • Digitamamon (Tenacious) - 40% PWR debuff cuts down Wargreymon’s damage by quite a significant margin. However, he brings nothing else to the team so your other team members need to make up for it.

Traps: Do Not Use

These Digimons may seem good on paper but they are actually not practical for this raid.

  • Taomon (devoted), ShogunGekomon (Calm), Gigadramon (Tenacious)

These 3 provide stun immunity to the respective Digimon type only. They are not worth using because they restrict your team options too much and they themselves are deadweight that don’t do much else other than providing a passive ability.

Taomon can be argued because she is a healer and she heals also cures Stun. However, the CD is too long and cannot compete with the raid boss inflicting Stun.

Team Examples

Titamon + AeroVeedramon + WarGreymon + BlackMetalGreymon + Boltmon or VenomMyotismon or any Brave DPS

The absolute best team for this raid. Stun immunity for the whole team and huge DPS output. However, it requires very specific and difficult to obtain Digimon.

AeroVeedramon + WarGreymon + PWR buffer + 2 PWR DPS

An easier team to build and still able to perform quite well in a DPS race. Just suck it up with the Stun and brute force your way through. 

AeroVeedramon + SuperStarmon + MagnaAngemon + PWR DPS + PWR buffer

A more defensive approach to the fight. SuperStarmon taunts both ST skills and Stun from WarGreymon and MagnaAngemon heals him to keep the tanking going.

Aeroveedramon + VenomMyotismon + Titamon + 2 Brave DPS

A slightly different approach. VenomMyotismon is a semi PWR buffer (40% buff) but he also sports the highest PWR in the game.

Overall, your other PWR DPS will be lower but VenomMyotismon might be able to make up for it due to his own huge damage.


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