Mafia Famiglia Crossfire Event Guide!

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Even introduction

The Stage Girls of Seisho are doing a performance of a script about a mafia crime war. Just as everyone starts to get used to their roles... Well, you'll have to play it to find out.

Event Overview

In this event, clearing event and story stages gets you wine bottles which can be used to challenge the bosses. The bosses will drop two different types of hats, which can be exchanged for items in the event shop. As with all of the previous events, story chapters will be unlocked based on the amount of boss kills, regardless of difficulty.

Farming Tips

  • There are 2 different event bosses. The red hat boss will only drop red hats, while the blue hat boss will only drop blue hats. Make sure to farm both in order to get all the rewards. The number of points dropped by both is the same.

  • Fill your team with event memoirs and don’t bound break them until the event is over.

  • The bosses HP won’t carry over, so only challenge the difficulty you can beat in one try.

  • The free 3★ event memoir will only boost the blue hats drops. Farming red hats will take longer than farming the blue ones.

Boss Fight Overview

  • The bosses for this event have the moon and snow attribute. Both bosses have the same attack pattern in form of only attacking your front-row unit and both have the gunner race.

  • The red hat boss has the moon attribute, deals special type damage, and will decrease the special defense of your first unit from the front.

  • The blue hat boss has the snow attribute, deals normal type damage, and will decrease the normal defense of your first unit from the front.

  • Since the bosses only attack the first enemy from the front it is harder to take advantage of low level units. It is recommended to run a full team of max leveled units to have a constant damage output.

Red Hat Moon Boss

  • Moon is weak to cloud, so you should focus on cloud attribute units.

  • 3★ Cloud special defense tank Benkei Tamao is a great F2P choice. Newer players can run 3★ cloud Black Lion Claudine who has type advantage and a great HP stat, but will have a much lower special defense. Other special Tanks like 4★ flower special tank Heracles Michiru or 4★ moon special tank Benzaiten Fumi will also work.

  • For damage dealers it is highly recommended to bring the queen of cloud damage 4★ cloud Musketeer Hikari. Musketeer Hikari comes with a 10% boost to all allies and will be able to dish out a great amount of damage thanks to her self ACT Power up and attribute advantage. Other great attackers are the new Gacha units 4★ cloud Maid Melissa Maya Tendo and 4★ dream Don Salvatore Kaoruko Hanayagi since they deal effective and in Don Kaoruko’s case semi-effective damage and come with a 100% dmg boost. Do note that Maid Maya’s damage is inflated due to the damage boost and after this event she won’t be as useful in future PvE events, since she is an on aoe damage focused stage girl.

  • For supporters you should bring 4★ cloud Greenhorn Captain Aruru. She will not only let you climax faster, but will also  increase your damage output with her climax and will deal effective damage to the boss. The free event unit 3★ wind Mafia Princess Elena Nana Daiba should also be on your Team, since she gives all allies a 50% damage boost.

Blue Hat Moon Boss

  • Snow is weak to wind, so you should focus on wind attribute units.

  • 3★ wind normal defense tank Pirate Queen’s Bodyguard Lalafin is a great F2P choice and will serve you well. Those who were lucky and obtained 4★ wind Belle Shiroi can run her as their normal tank.

  • Wind offers a wide variety of great attackers and most should be already leveled from previous events. 3★ wind Fairy Godmother Aruru continues to be a great F2P wind attacker and is able to inflict the boss with Stop. The new free event unit 3★ wind Elena Nana also is a great F2P attacker and it is highly recommended to level her. 4★ wind Musketeer Junna, who is available from the Ad-Gacha, is decent attacker and gives all allies a 10% damage boost. 4★ wind Ichie also is a decent choice, since she can protect your back-row attackers being a center-row unit.

  • There is no need for special supporters. If you got lucky and have pulled either 4★ dream Don Kaoruko or 4★ cloud Maid Maya you should bring them for the the damage boost. 

Event Bonuses

Character/Memoir Name Bonus
4★ [Don Salvatore] Kaoruko Hanayagi +100% Damage for all allies against Boss
4★ [Maid Melissa] Maya Tendo +100% Damage for all allies against Boss
3★ [Mafia Princess Elena] Nana Daiba +50% Damage for all allies against Boss
4★ The Young Lady’s Knight +20% extra red and blue hats drops/+30% if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ The Costume Shop’s Etude +10% extra red hats drops/+20% if Max Uncap and Max Level
3★ Sunset Mirage +10% extra blue hats drops/+20% if Max Uncap and Max Level
ALL Seisho Stage Girls +10% Damage for all allies against Boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Bottles Required Hat Drops Event Points
1★ 10 20 200
2★ 18 40 400
3★ 30 80 800
4★ 36 120 1200
5★ 60 240 2240

Bottles Returned upon Defeat

Difficulty Bottles Returned Bottles Lost
1★ 8 2
2★ 14 4
3★ 24 6
4★ 28 8
5★ 48 12

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