Event Overview

  • Gacha Focus characters: 

  • Make sure to equip the event memoirs to increase drop rates!

  • The bosses for this event are Dream type. A good tank will be helpful, and any non-Dream offensive type units will be able to deal good damage to the Dream type bosses.

  • Event characters should be prioritized. They will give you a large boost when fighting the boss.

  • There are 2 different event bosses. The red boss will only drop red hats while the blue boss will only drop blue hats. Make sure to farm both in order to get all the rewards. The number of Christmas points dropped by both is the same.

    • Tip from /u/Syd_123: F2P (Players not rolling the gacha) may prefer to farm the Blue Boss first since the event shop memoir boosts Blue drops.

Farming Tips

  • The Memoirs for this event will increase the drop rate of Santa hats. It is recommended that you use as many as possible, as this will increase farming efficiency on all difficulty levels.

  • Filling your slots with level 1 characters that die quickly allows your main attackers to have move priority, while still getting memoir bonuses.

  • The Blue boss is strong against normal type attacks and the Red boss is strong against special type. Make sure to use the correct stage girls when fighting each boss to maximize damage.

  • Friend units will give the same boost as party members(ie. friend Christmas Mahiru will give +100% damage to party), so make sure to use event characters to make farming much easier.

  • Strategy from /u/shiinamachi: Bring a level 1 3★ [Red-Nosed Reindeer] Karen Aijou to the boss and have her be in the frontline to be wiped out immediately. She will still give you the +50% damage boost while not clogging up your act panels with her low DPS.

Event Bonuses

Character/Memoir Name Bonus
4★ [Holy Night Santa Claus] Mahiru Tsuyuzaki +100% Damage vs Boss to all party members
3★ [Red-Nosed Reindeer] Karen Aijou +50% Damage vs Boss to all party members
4★ Merry Christmas 2018 Memoir Red and Blue Santa Hat drop rate +20% when fighting all event bosses
3★ Everyone Decorating the Tree Memoir Red Santa Hat drop rate +10% when fighting red boss
3★ Nana’s Special Christmas Lunch Blue Santa Hat drop rate +10% when fighting blue boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Snow Crystals Required Hat Drops Christmas Points
1★ 5 10 100
2★ 9 20 200
3★ 15 40 400
4★ 18 60 600
5★ 30 120 1200

Shop Guide/Priority

  • Since the event itself is so short, getting everything is difficult. What to prioritize:

    • Unfarmable Pieces, Star Gacha Tickets, Star Gems, Creation Jewels

  • It is recommended to save up to buy at least one event Memoir before purchasing anything else. This will greatly increase the number of hats and points that will be received.

  • Once the memoirs are purchased, try to purchase as many of the elemental pieces as possible as these are quite rare.

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