Purehearted White Day Recipe Event Guide

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The White Day event is a raid event with a lottery gacha. Challenge Quests are also introduced in this event. These cost one stamina and are much more difficult than normal raid quests; however they also give great rewards when defeated. The main reward this time is the 3 star unit [Angelic Song] Ichie Otonashi.

*Special thanks to Dandte for providing much of the info included below!

Farming Tips

  • Challenge Quests will not drop white feathers, so it is best to farm the normal boss stages if you are trying to clear the lottery.

  • Raid HP is carried over, so you don’t have to defeat the boss in one try.

  • As this is a raid event, the bonus units will not grant a damage boost to the entire team, but instead they will recieve a larger boost to themselves. The event memoirs will give a damage boost only to the unit that they are equipped on, so make sure to attach them to your best attackers.

  • Like with many of the previous events, there is a 2x drop button. Make sure to use this on the highest difficulty level that you can reliably complete.

Event Tips

  • The boss does not resist normal or special attacks.

  • The boss is wind type, so any good flower type units will have a large advantage over it. The boss will primarily deal special type damage.

  • In terms of attacks, the boss will either attack the first unit from the front with a single hit attack, or the entire front group with another single hit attack that has a chance to cause special defense down. 

  • The bosses climax is a 2 hit AOE attack that will hit all units.

Challenge Quest Overview

  • Any damage boosts will be removed from the challenge quests, so instead of focusing on the event units and memoirs, make the best team possible.

  • The challenge quest boss is flower type, but it has the same move set as the event boss. Any good ice type units will have a great advantage in battle.

  • There are two extra units besides the boss, one being space type and the other being dream.

Event Bonuses

Event Bonuses
Character/Memoir Name Bonus Effect
4* [Angel’s Blessing] Fumi Yumeoji +200% Damage vs Boss
3* [Angelic Song] Ichie Otonashi +100% Damage vs Boss
4* Hear our Angelic Song Memoir +50% Damage (+80%)
3* Cooking Class Now In Session Memoir +30% Damage (+60%)
3* A Heartfelt Message Memoir +30% Damage (+60%)
ALL Rinmeikan Stage Girls, Karen Aijo, Nana Daiba +10% Damage vs Boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Boss Difficulty Levels and Drops
Difficulty Keys Required Feather Drops Feathers per Key
1★ 10 10 1
2★ 20 24 1.2
3★ 30 40 1.3
4★ 40 60 1.5
5★ 50 100 2

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