Starlight New Year 2018 Event Guide!

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Event Overview

In this event, clearing event stages gets you feathers to fight the event bosses. The bosses will drop feathered boards and New Year points, which are used to unlock [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori. Story chapters will be unlocked based upon the number of total points that you have accumulated. Like the Christmas event, boss HP will reset and you will only lose a portion of your feathers if you are defeated in battle.

Note that [Happy New Year!] Tsukasa Ebisu is a limited gacha character, and will not be in the general pool!

Event Tips

  • There are 2 different event bosses. The red boss will only drop red boards while the white boss will only drop white boards. Make sure to farm both in order to get all the rewards. The number of points dropped by both is the same.

  • Event characters should be prioritized in party compositions. They will give you a large boost in damage when fighting the boss.

  • Friend units will give the same boost as party members (ie. friend New Year Tsukasa will give +100% damage to party), so make sure to use event characters to make farming much easier.

  • Unlike previous events, the turn limit for boss battles has increased to 12 (instead of 10), so there's a little more leniency here.

Farming Tips

  • The bosses for this event are different types; the red boss is Flower and the white boss is Cloud type. A good tank will be helpful, and any offensive snow/space type units will be able to deal good damage to each respective boss.

  • Filling your slots with level 1 characters that die quickly allows your main attackers to have move priority. This means that you should leave the free Michiru and the [A Showdown of Hanetsuki?] Tamao (if you pull her) at level 1 for as long as possible.

  • Unlike the Christmas event, neither of the bosses have unique type resistances.

    • The white boss has a dodge effect, so it is recommended that you equip your best attacker with a perfect aim memoir; recommended attackers against this boss are [Ghost Patrol Squad Deputy Captain] Tamao Tomoe and [Aladdin] Claudine Saijo. [Knight of the Sun Nation] Karen can work for the 4* boss if Tamao or Claudine aren't available.

    • The red boss is immune to freeze; recommended attackers are [Happy New Year] Tsukasa Ebisu and [Sky Goddess] Akira Yukihiro.

Shop Guide

  • Since the event itself is so short, purchasing everything is very difficult. This will be similar to the previous Christmas event.

  • First purchases should be the event memoirs  to assist in farming the bosses for more prizes.

  • Unfarmable pieces, star gems, and gacha tickets are the next most valuable pieces to buy. After this, purchase crystals, and then any remaining items in order of necessity.

Event Bonuses

Character/Memoir Name Bonus
4★ [Happy New Year] Tsukasa Ebisu +100% Damage vs Boss to all party members
3★ [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori +50% Damage vs Boss to all party members
3★ [A Showdown of Hanetsuki?] Tamao Tomoe +50% Damage vs Boss to all party members
4★ Heart-thumping Hanetsuki Memoir Increase red/white board drops by 20% (30% when at max limit break)
3★ Pounding Mochi is Power Memoir Increase red board drops by 10% (20% when at max limit break)
3★ New Year’s First Test of Luck Memoir Increase white board drops by 10% (20% when at max limit break)
ALL Tamao Tomoe, Ichie Otonashi, Rui Akikaze, Tsukasa Ebisu, Lalafin Nonomiya, Shizuha Kocho, Akira Yukihiro, Michiru Otori, and Shiori Yumeoji Stage Girls +10% Damage against boss

Boss Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Feathers Required Board Drops New Year Points
1★ 5 10 100
2★ 9 20 200
3★ 15 40 400
4★ 18 60 600
5★ 30 120 1200

Boss Attack List (Both)

Attack Type Effect
Normal (AP2) Attack the first unit
Normal (AP2) Attacks rear group + gives boss evade and critical up
Climax Act Attack all units

Feathers Returned Upon Defeat

Difficulty Feathers Returned Feathers Lost
1★ 4 1
2★ 7 2
3★ 12 3
4★ 14 4
5★ 24 6

Point Required to max 3★[For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori

Points Required Reward Name
600 [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori Stage Girl
2500 [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori Crystals x10
5000 [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori Crystals x10
10000 [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori Crystals x10
16000 [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori Crystals x10
26000 [For a Wonderful Year!] Michiru Otori Crystals x10

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