Saint Seiya Awakening Gets PVP Melee and Incoming Jamir Championship Season 2

  • New PVP tournament arrives soon after this month
  • New PVP Melee mode available now 
  • Poseidon Story available as well

A new story chapter has been added to Saint Seiya Awakening, focusing on Poseidon. Chapter 19 is available now in-game. 

In addition, the PVP tournament series The Jamir Championship will be starting its Season 2 sometime after December. Season 1 ended 5 days ago on December 13. YOOZOO asks players to stay tuned to their Facebook page for more announcements at the link below. 

Arriving today is the PVP Melee game mode which will be available until the end of the year. 

SSA - Official Facebook Page

There are more additions coming to the game in December! 

What else can we expect in December? If you liked the pretty sweet spring scene in the lobby, (known as Athena’s Dream land) which popped up recently, then we’ve got some really good news for you. The winter scene will be available during the Christmas holidays and we love the totally different feel this brings to the game. 

It may not come gift-wrapped under the Christmas tree but this brand new PVP gameplay, online today, will be something to behold. Known as ‘PVP Melee’ this is only going to be released in the global version of the game, Knights of the Zodiac; a brand-new PVP game mode, with 8 battles each week — win 6 and all your Christmases will come at once.

Be sure to keep checking the Facebook page throughout Christmas, as there are definitely going to be some nice discounts and very special packages up for grabs.

Saint Seiya Awakening is available on iOS and Android. Click the links below to download the game!

Download for iOSDownload for Android


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